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Un conjunto de herramientas mejor, rendimiento aumentado

Mejor usabilidad, flujos de trabajo de color y rendimiento

Descargar r21

construir: 87976 (liberada marzo 30 2022)

Probado en acción

En esta nueva versión, hemos trabajado codo con codo con expertos del sector y grupos internos de disguise para mejorar algunas de las características más utilizadas.

Gracias a las ideas de nuestra brillante comunidad y su experiencia en espectáculos en vivo, hemos añadido herramientas útiles y formas nuevas de gestionar el color en Designer.

Descubre a continuación por qué esta versión será imprescindible en tu próxima producción.

Descargar r21

Gestiona el flujo de trabajo del color

En esta versión, hemos estudiado con mayor detenimiento el flujo de trabajo del color de extremo a extremo y añadido algunas características nuevas y apasionantes que permiten realizar la gradación de color con exactitud. Además, hemos añadido la tan solicitada compatibilidad con formatos de color ampliamente utilizados.

R21 Mangeyourcolour Bodyimage 990X630 Disguise
R21 Liveinsidergroup Bodyimage 990X630 Disguise

Creado con nuestros grupos internos

¡Queremos aprovechar la oportunidad para dar las gracias a los especialistas en flujos de trabajo, fabricantes de pantallas, creativos y tecnólogos de nuestros grupos internos! Vuestra valiosa información nos ayuda a comprender cómo se utiliza Designer en espectáculos y producciones y proporciona conocimientos esenciales que nos ayudan a desarrollar nuestras características de cara al futuro.


Nuevas características

Características de flujo de trabajo del color

  • Selector de color
  • Histograma
  • Rangos de vectores
  • Waveform (RGB Parade)
  • Exposición lineal y controles gamma
  • Transformación gamma no estilizada

Nuevos formatos de color compatibles

  • Mayor compatibilidad con archivos LUT
  • Importación, creación y exportación de CDL
  • Mayor compatibilidad con archivos IDT
  • Compatibilidad con IDT Gen5 de Blackmagic

Mejor usabilidad

  • Salir del aviso de máquina de director
  • Herramienta de notas
  • Copiar y pegar capas
  • Interpolación Smoothstep
  • Puntos de deformación

Rendimiento y estabilidad

  • Mejoras de velocidad multilingüe
  • Mejoras de estabilidad de RenderStream

Notas de la versión de r21

Mejoras, arreglos menores y problemas conocidos en r21. Para obtener asistencia en tu idioma local, por favor, envía un correo electrónico a
New Features
  • DSOF-18466 4K XR Camera Compositing Improvements
  • DSOF-18044 Colour Insider Group Improvements
  • DSOF-16029 Video Scopes - Vectorscope
  • DSOF-19630 Per feed rectangle vectorscopes
  • DSOF-16020 Video Scopes - Histogram
  • DSOF-16018 Video Scopes - Waveform
  • DSOF-19721 Add scope and histogram functions to video inputs and/or virtual cameras
  • DSOF-18625 Add ink dropper to colour picker UI
  • DSOF-18296 Including the server name in the diag folder
  • DSOF-17301 Non-stylised custom colour primaries/transform function idt/odt for ACES
  • DSOF-16793 Ability to control Spatial Maps with AnimateObjectPreset
  • DSOF-13139 Promote non transparent ui to a project setting
  • DSOF-11229 Ability to remove video output sync (genlock) within d3
  • DSOF-10146 Add DXGI support for HDR displays
  • DSOF-8200 Enable a backface culling option on stage view
  • DSOF-5796 Option to force emulation of disconnected outputs (usually DP VFC cards)
  • DSOF-5321 Keyboard shortcut for Layer Library


  • DSOF-19757 RenderStream: highlight 'Default Assigner' field if the selected ClusterAssigner is in an unsupported configuration
  • DSOF-19564 RenderStream: Notch engine settings
  • DSOF-19567 Improvements to RenderStream UI
  • DSOF-19402 Actor Status Widget Renderstream section should only show machines that are currently in cluster pools in the project
  • DSOF-19401 The Actor Status Widget RenderStream machine dropdown should start collapsed.
  • DSOF-19384 Ability to clean up list of streams on RenderStream machines.
  • DSOF-19366 Ability to start/stop a RenderStream layer by right-clicking Layer on the timeline
  • DSOF-19349 Move forceUnrealRenderStreamWindow to option in UI
  • DSOF-19338 RenderStream workload details should show startup messages
  • DSOF-19048 RenderStream: cannot balance multiple low load channels onto a single render 
  • DSOF-18761 Per-engine settings in RenderStream
  • DSOF-18692 RenderStream: process more network events per loop iteration
  • DSOF-18557 RenderStream: append newline to all rs_logToD3 calls
  • DSOF-18494 List editor for RenderStreamMachines
  • DSOF-17970 RenderStream: notify the user if the Controller machine is not online
  • DSOF-17565 RenderStream: allow the same machine to be added multiple times as an Understudy
  • DSOF-17564 RenderStream: ensure 'Engine animation sync' option is disabled / hidden when a non-Unreal asset is selected
  • DSOF-17181 RenderStream: better indicator that a Source Machine must be set when attempting to Sync
  • DSOF-16931 RenderStream: Add colour channel toggles to stream preview
  • DSOF-19538 Improve & update information available in RemoteStream editor
  • DSOF-19385 No way to see if a stream is regarded as online in RemoteStream editors
  • DSOF-18748 Notify user if trying to use a renderstream workload across render nodes running different d3 builds
  • DSOF-19248 Present all and only valid transport formats
  • DSOF-17230 Add "Local loopback" auto populated network interface to the Preferred Adaptor list in RenderStream Cluster Assigners
  • DSOF-17083 Add Swagger APIs for RenderStream workloads
  • DSOF-18356 d3service should refresh adapters for preferred renderstream adapter selection if they change on the machine
  • DSOF-18285 Consolidate RenderStream frame info in one place
  • DSOF-15669 Clustered rendering: only sync required asset files
  • DSOF-15102 Show alpha checkerboard in RemoteStream editor window
  • DSOF-19094 Add Gen5 IDT for Blackmagic colour
  • DSOF-19051 RGBColour layer should allow IDT
  • DSOF-19340 Screenshot/export image to EXR
  • DSOF-1985 unable to output lossless feed stills
  • DSOF-17902 CDL Import / Export
  • DSOF-19098 CDL Transforms
  • DSOF-17901 Linear Exposure and Gamma Controls available on a layer in ACES mode
  • DSOF-17625 Ability to apply an input device transform (IDT) directly to VideoIn
  • DSOF-17433 Pre/Post ACES transforms should only be attached to LUTs
  • DSOF-6656 Buffer DMX screens texture downloads to remove CPU stall
  • DSOF-19859 Prevent intermittent crashes when using very large (16K+) NotchLC content
  • DSOF-19836 Make CodeMeter series 2 dongles work with Runtime v7.40
  • DSOF-19823 Catch2 tests: log failure to console to assist troubleshooting of test issues
  • DSOF-19760 Add tooltips to the feed rectangle buttons
  • DSOF-19712 Allow UDP Indirection Controller to switch if key is contained with the UDP string or partially-matching strings
  • DSOF-19702 When enabling sequencing the keywidget should automatically appear
  • DSOF-19599 Update help text of esc enter to make it clear that it saves on exit
  • DSOF-19552 GUI: only close active widget when pressing esc
  • DSOF-19529 NotchLC: cache compiled shader
  • DSOF-19495 upgrade to latest CodeMeter SDK/Runtime v7.40 or later
  • DSOF-19469 Allow setting of delay and trigger mode for VideoTrigger module
  • DSOF-19453 Autosave indicator
  • DSOF-19413 Show last opened project in d3manager
  • DSOF-19359 Improve 'Unreal DDC path' and 'Unreal log level' tooltips
  • DSOF-19309 Move engine settings from assigner to asset
  • DSOF-19302 Expressions: support module properties
  • DSOF-19287 Disable CORS for d3 APIs
  • DSOF-19232 Default typed in option switches to true
  • DSOF-19222 Shortcut to quit all machines in session
  • DSOF-19144 Add smoothstep interpolation to gradients
  • DSOF-19037 Improved EDID emulation support for HDMI devices
  • DSOF-18915 Option to 'lock' feed rectangles so that they cannot be edited, in the same way that feed scenes and other objects can be locked
  • DSOF-18911 Enable Spatial Calibration to be used as a Frame of Reference
  • DSOF-18794 Populate -ConcertDisplayName with unique node names when starting a workload & joining a MUE session from d3
  • DSOF-18675 Observation debugger now renders wireframe of alignment object
  • DSOF-18663 More descriptive tooltip for spatial calibration scope
  • DSOF-18580 Set DDC configuration for unreal engine on rx’s via d3
  • DSOF-18573 Move shader cache to project folder to avoid stalls during playback on freshly reimages machines
  • DSOF-18532 Improve network status widget indicators to give a broader indication of machine status
  • DSOF-18495 Differentiate duplicate machines in cluster pool
  • DSOF-18486 Add option to run "hdmifix" from feed view
  • DSOF-18451 Add a shortcut to the API documentation in d3 Manager
  • DSOF-14082 API - /docs/v1/Swagger.json should be a combined file with all APIs
  • DSOF-18441 Warn in feed view when output bit depth does not match
  • DSOF-18434 Add context menu option to windows explorer to set d3 project as the startup project
  • DSOF-18426 Warn user when actor is in application mode
  • DSOF-18295 Add Separate rotation delay to the camera in case your tracking source sends rotation and translation separately.
  • DSOF-18274 Implement support for BlackMagic SDI routers
  • DSOF-18206 User should be able to view stream performance across all machines instead of just the local one
  • DSOF-18123 DCS LDT Telemetry protocol for streaming lens data integration
  • DSOF-18092 Ability to cut and paste a layer
  • DSOF-1709 Copying and pasting of (multiple) layers
  • DSOF-17507 d3service to use single Comms instance
  • DSOF-16657 User friendly notification when sync source isn't available
  • DSOF-15572 Display Observations error in the Observations list editor
  • DSOF-14290 HttpControlModule: basic HTTP control
  • DSOF-12038 Dismiss previous "screenshot saved" on-screen text when taking a screenshot in d3
  • DSOF-11277 Confirm with prompt when exiting on a director with actors/understudy still active in session.
  • DSOF-10969 Expose chroma sub-sampling information to users in the feed view
  • DSOF-10417 Shortcut to rename selected layer
  • DSOF-9984 Add tooltip for projector study
  • DSOF-6869 Improve Console logging for shows being controlled by Artnet
  • DSOF-4109 Search Function in keyboard shortcut widget (F1)
  • DSOF-4094 Warp points to appear on outputs
  • DSOF-19224 Link "sticky notes" to any object or widget
  • DSOF-19332 Ability to save notes to output folder as a txt file
  • DSOF-1598 Asset library: have a 'Root' tab which shows only the assets placed in the root.


  • DSOF-20013 - Fixed OmniCal simulated plans
  • DSOF-20009 - Fixed an issue where GUI text was rendering incorrectly in some widgets
  • DSOF-20003 - Fixed the Receive Health window being unreadable
  • DSOF-19989 - Fixed RenderStream channel mapping order not being user controllable
  • DSOF-19985 - Fixed rawTracking.tRecieved being displayed is an Alignment Object is not selected before Manual Observation is taken
  • DSOF-19971 - Fixed an Access Violation in InputMapManager
  • DSOF-19969 - Fixed an issue where fully zooming out timeline hid layers and removed timeline zoom buttons
  • DSOF-19967 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue where layers using PreComps as texture input did not show orange arrow
  • DSOF-19964 - Fixed an issue where manage workloads caused new workloads to start continuously
  • DSOF-19960 - Fixed an issue where machines reports different active and output resolutions
  • DSOF-19954 - ACES: Fixed an issue where LUT Pre/Post Transforms are not copied to selected LUT objects on upgrade
  • DSOF-19947 - Fixed an issue where GUI Observation List did not add observations after a number of 12
  • DSOF-19944 - Fixed an Access Violation when opening the DeviceStatus widget
  • DSOF-19940 - Fixed an issue where feed mapping still used the lock icon to link source
  • DSOF-19939 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue where a layer mapped to PreComp failed to render unless a dummy screen was added to PreComp mapping
  • DSOF-19934 - Fixed ESC no longer closing feed mapping editor
  • DSOF-19933 - Fixed an issue where a user was unable to edit coordinate and resolution values of feed rectangles
  • DSOF-19916 - RenderStream: fixed an error on dedicated director when screens are not visible
  • DSOF-19915 - Improved text layout in debug window
  • DSOF-19914 - Fixed an issue when looking at smaller full res content on half res screen
  • DSOF-19900 - Fixed OmniCal report widget being cut short
  • DSOF-19896 - Fixed an issue with a large amount of RenderStream projects dominating the screen
  • DSOF-19895 - Fixed an issue where Renderstream active latency was less than variable latency value
  • DSOF-19885 - Fixed an issue where selected feed rectangles were missing text readout of coordinates and resolution
  • DSOF-19880 - Fixed an issue where newly detected RenderStream machines were always displayed in the Renderstream Machines drop-down
  • DSOF-19876 - Fixed an issue where the tracker delay could not be calibrated - VLL out of sync
  • DSOF-19871 - RenderStream: Fixed 'NoneType' error when Workload widget open + layer breaking when performing remote install on render node -
  • DSOF-19862 - Fixed an issue with render nodes crashing when reconfiguring
  • DSOF-19852 - Fixed Tracker Delay calibration tool not working for lens calibration
  • DSOF-19849 - Fixed an exception being thrown when setting the Preferred Network Adapter to Automatic in an image parameter assigner 
  • DSOF-19838 - Fixed an issue where you could not  right click on RenderStream machines in the bandwidth estimate
  • DSOF-19829 - Fixed an issue where  'Power' in a CDL widget brought up the wrong widget of values
  • DSOF-19825 - Improved RenderStream camera switching 
  • DSOF-19818 - Fixed an issue where you were unable to right-click on group layers and have a popup for controls
  • DSOF-19813 - Fixed an issue where open layer connected fields are not sequenced
  • DSOF-19812 - Fixed an issue where RenderStream assignments confusingly report " <manual>" for automatic selection of preferred network adapter
  • DSOF-19811 - Fixed an issue where adding the first screen to a mapping in the RenderStream layer did not immediately set the mapping resolution to the screen resolution
  • DSOF-19810 - Fixed an issue where you could not create an uncompressed stream without selecting a preferred network adapter 
  • DSOF-19807 - Video: Fixed CDL being active when ACES is disabled
  • DSOF-19803 - Fixed an issue where RenderStream channel mapping tables didn't deal with lots of items well
  • DSOF-19795 - Renderstream: Fixed an issue when upgrading existing RenderStream layer to new channel mapping workflow created many extra channel mappings
  • DSOF-19794 - Fixed Receive Health reporting Good when receive rate is significantly less than request rate
  • DSOF-19792 - Fixed an issue where overscan smoothing/interpolation errors caused flickering
  • DSOF-19790 - Fixed an issue where the scroll bar covers up the delete icon in the channel mapping list in the cluster workload widget
  • DSOF-19784 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue with non-progressive, non-BGRA transports getting stuck on first frame
  • DSOF-19783 - Fixed 'bad allocation' error when launching d3
  • DSOF-19782 RenderStream: Fixed "Unhandled transport type" when using NDI (with enableRenderStreamNDI option switch)
  • DSOF-19781 RenderStream:Implemented a fix for  incorrect bandwidth estimates for multiple instances of the same machine
  • DSOF-19779 - ACES: Fixed ‘Input Transform’ field appearing for certain Texture resources regardless of Colour Management
  • DSOF-19776 - Fixed the default audio buffer being too small
  • DSOF-19769 - Fixed AMDADLDisplay::colorFormat throwing ADL_ERR on headless display emulator
  • DSOF-19762 -  Fixed the ability to spread streams across multiple NICs on VX machines
  • DSOF-19756 - Fixed an issue where RenderStream compressed wouldn't send if no adaptors are connected
  • DSOF-19755 - Fixed RenderStream bandwidth estimate not updating when changing mapping or assignment settings
  • DSOF-19754 - Fixed an erroneous Prompt of bit depth change when no change is occurring
  • DSOF-19749 - Fixed an Access Violation when adding ANY layers in the timeline
  • DSOF-19747 - Fixed GPGPU: first GpGpuResourceID always being invalid
  • DSOF-19746 RenderStream: Fixed asset field not highlighting if there is a single render node and it does not have the asset
  • DSOF-19744 RenderStream: Improved notification for missing render engine
  • DSOF-19743 RenderStream: Fixed various RenderStreamModuleConfig errors when setting a Content Source Machine
  • DSOF-19742 - RenderStream: Fixed asset sync information being missing
  • DSOF-19734 - Fixed an access violation in response to RenderStream list workloads API
  • DSOF-19729 - Fixed an issue where screens used in an MRset backplate Stage Render layer have an incorrect proxy level set.
  • DSOF-19728 - Fixed the Cluster Workload UI not refreshing when texture parameters are added / removed
  • DSOF-19727 - RenderStream - Fixed a major hang when starting up with texture parameters mapped
  • DSOF-19726 - RenderStream: Fixed multiple Access Violations when starting workload if 'Channel Instances' separator is open
  • DSOF-19725 - RenderStream: Fixed an Access Violation when adding new channel mapping before assigning Default ClusterAssigner
  • DSOF-19716 - Fixed an issue where camera switching was not clean when using minimal latency mode with fractional frame rates
  • DSOF-19708 - Fixed an issue where Camera Frustum movement only worked in Director but not in Actors when using an axis tracking source
  • DSOF-19707 - Fixed an issue where incorrect names were suggested when duplicating various resources
  • DSOF-19696 - Fixed an issue with RenderStream Frame request when multiple streams are served from one instance
  • DSOF-19691 - Improved Feed Outputs icon
  • DSOF-19688 - Fixed LUT layer missing capitalisation
  • DSOF-19683 - Fixed inconsistent naming for hidden / invisible option for projectors
  • DSOF-19680 - Fixed an issue with list editors field sorting not working
  • DSOF-19667 - ACES: Fixed the 'Colour' separator appearing for Video layers / modules regardless of Colour Management option
  • DSOF-19666 - Fixed an Access Violation when pressing Esc after deleting a layer / module
  • DSOF-19659 - HoldOutputSystem: Fixed newStatusAction not being triggered on controller
  • DSOF-19655 - Fixed an issue where pinning camera switching debugger didn't persist through restarts
  • DSOF-19654 - Fixed Textbox / Thumbnail text not fading when hitting ESC to close widget
  • DSOF-19642 - Fixed an issue where the main thread hung due to early render access < NotchLCSubsystem::doUpdate
  • DSOF-19636 - Fixed an Access Violation when closing Video Input Patch Editor while previewing input
  • DSOF-19635 - Fixed an issue when loading a new media resource resulted in invalid access error
  • DSOF-19619 - Fixed an issue where excluded mappings were still excluded when option switch is disabled
  • DSOF-19589 - Fixed an issue where the Editor's titlebutton/bar didn't always update
  • DSOF-19584 - Fixed Feed Rectangle widget being  missing to adjust the resolution size
  • DSOF-19579 - Fixed an Access Violation when selecting prop with no mesh
  • DSOF-19578 - Fixed an issue where workload status widget breaks GUI after closing RenderStream layer editor
  • DSOF-19577 - Root folder box no longer shown if there are no other folder boxes
  • DSOF-19576 - Pressing Escape now finds a window to close, if there is nothing focused (except fixed windows)
  • DSOF-19575 - When selecting objects in the stage or venue editor lists, other currently selected objects are deselected
  • DSOF-19574 - Fixed an issue where a selected layer couldn’t be deleted with delete key
  • DSOF-19571 - RS: Fixed Notch blocks with uppercase letters not syncing between machines
  • DSOF-19570 - Fixed an issue where content appears behind camera when rendering to backplate.
  • DSOF-19559 - Fixed an issue with d3service access violation and invalid Renderstream settings when parsing incomplete uproject file
  • DSOF-19558 - Fixed an issue where Layer editor did not receive focus when opened
  • DSOF-19553 - Improved performance when zooming in XR
  • DSOF-19551 - Added Engine Sync tooltip
  • DSOF-19544 - Fixed an issue where the wrong widget receives click when clicking d3 window to regain focus
  • DSOF-19543 - Fixed RenderStream notifications being displayed in blank projects - unexpected workload
  • DSOF-19540 - Fixed an issue where the screen in StageRender layer blurry on first frame on camera switch
  • DSOF-19537 - Sticky Notes icon will no longer overlap the layers widget's name
  • DSOF-19534 - Fixed d3 hanging when opening console in gui if a console file is large
  • DSOF-19531 - Fixed Multiple errors when changing Colour Management option with RenderStream widgets open
  • DSOF-19528 - Fixed YUV4:2:2 causing artifacting in RenderStream
  • DSOF-19524 - Added notifications that active latency is higher than can be displayed
  • DSOF-19518 - Fixed an issue where  RenderStream camera switching wasn’t clean at framerate fractions other than 1
  • DSOF-19502 - Fixed an issue whereRenderStream machines which have their d3service process terminated never go offline
  • DSOF-19498 - Fixed an issue where the multi user session host field's tool tip prompted to enter an IP, rather than the device name
  • DSOF-19497 - Renamed P3DCI spaces to P3D65 where appropriate
  • DSOF-19491 - RenderStream: Fixed a 'NoneType' error when attempting to open Actions menu for unconfigured Workload in Session widget
  • DSOF-19485 - RenderStream: Fixed  'unprocessed frames' error spam after failing over when Actor controls rendering
  • DSOF-19483 - Fixed VFC Slot UI overlapping in Feed view
  • DSOF-19479 - RenderSream Uncompressed - fixed bandwidth estimates being wrong (much too low) for Drop-Frame framerates.
  • DSOF-19478 - Fixed uncompressed remote texture parameters being flipped
  • DSOF-19475 - Fixed an issue where VideoInTexture: was longer visible to users
  • DSOF-19470 - Fixed an access violation when setting DMX lights XML file to None
  • DSOF-19468 - Fixed ACES colour inside StageRender appearing different to direct mapping
  • DSOF-19465 - Expressions: fixed an error messages are overwritten with "Invalid ReflectionValue"
  • DSOF-19463 - Fixed an issue where Colour Picker fights with Keying property to result in continuous flash
  • DSOF-19461 - Fixed an issue where Tooltips are always present when "Only When f1 is Pressed" is selected and help widget has been open and closed once
  • DSOF-19459 - Fixed an issue where uUnticking all Histogram channels creates exceptions
  • DSOF-19458 - Fixed an issue where Warp Deformation Layers "green/brown" activation rectangles are incorrectly displayed
  • DSOF-19447 - Fixed an issue where feed rectangle selections don't show individual resolutions/positions but boundary ones instead
  • DSOF-19439 RenderStream: Fixed an error when attempting to start a UE workload with an Understudy
  • DSOF-19438 RenderStream: Fixed 'frame response error' when failing over
  • DSOF-19437 - RenderStream: Fixed an Access Violation when starting workload
  • DSOF-19435 - Fixed multiple Access Violations and NoneType error when undoing duplicated layer mapped to PreComp
  • DSOF-19426 - Fixed "invalid stoull argument" when mis-typing dmx expression so that there is a letter instead of a number for the universe or channel
  • DSOF-19424 - Fixed failing over to a understudy using RS, displaying a ‘!!!!! input.size() < output.size()’ error 
  • DSOF-19422 - Fixed an issue where an error thrown and 0KB file created when attempting to export EXR screenshot not in 10-bit mode
  • DSOF-19420 - Fixed an issue where the Colour Picker dropper makes colour selection when Esc is pressed
  • DSOF-19419 - Improved performance when using the Colour Picker
  • DSOF-19412 - Improved the visibility of the toggle warp grid button
  • DSOF-19409 Fixed an issue where it was not possible to export OBJ files
  • DSOF-19407 - Fixed an Access Violation when exporting current camera view
  • DSOF-19405 - Fixed an issue where Filmed & Set Extension were not being rendered on Actors
  • DSOF-19395 "discarding request" message when launching many RenderStream assets
  • DSOF-19391 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue with  invalid unordered_map <K, T> key when attempting to start workload
  • DSOF-19387 - RenderStream: fixed failover failing if unassigned streams conflict
  • DSOF-19386 - RenderStream: fixed failover potentially causing the standby instance to fail
  • DSOF-19381 - Reduced internal renderstream console logging if engine does not set custom logging functions
  • DSOF-19360 - Fixed an issue where you could not select properties of MR set active camera using expressions
  • DSOF-19356 RenderStream workload control API - Fixed an issue sending start for an already started workload restarting the workload
  • DSOF-19331- Fixed RenderStream layers becoming stuck in "Awaiting Requests" status, restarting d3 restores functionality
  • DSOF-19330 - RenderStream: Fixed a  crash on shutdown when not running workload/in UE editor
  • DSOF-19329 - Added GPGPU VRAM usage in vmem readout
  • DSOF-19328 NotchHost: Fixed an issue where unrelated notch blocks will be hot-loaded and stall streams
  • DSOF-19327 - Fixed an issue where CITP incorrectly converts UTF-8 to wstring
  • DSOF-19325 - AssetLauncher: Fixed an issue where a failure to resolve a shortcut aborts process
  • DSOF-19317 - Fixed performance drop when a track with precomps duplicated multiple times
  • DSOF-19313 - Fixed an issue where the Profiler could not be opened
  • DSOF-19311 - Fixed an issue where Notch host instances accumulated when restarting renderstream workloads, leaving zombie instances which aren't killed
  • DSOF-19307 - Fixed console spam when using direct maps with Notch Host Renderstream
  • DSOF-19306 - Fixed the error notifier continuously flashing
  • DSOF-19305 - Fixed VideoIn images not being captured for blob detection
  • DSOF-19301 - Fixed an issue where most controls are disabled when a colour picker is open
  • DSOF-19298 - No cursor when colour picker dropper is active
  • DSOF-19296 - Fixed the colour picker dropper causes main thread to hang and spam access violations
  • DSOF-19295 - Fixed a discrepancy between video clip data rate in tooltip and widget
  • DSOF-19279 - Fixed a issue where, on RS start after changing cluster pool, notification "Failed to find session node for workload instance id: XXXXXXX" was present
  • DSOF-19278 - Made fields of axistrackingsource nullable
  • DSOF-19277 - Fixed after Alt + Tabbing out of d3 - focus was stolen back by d3
  • DSOF-19264 - XR: Fixed an error when attempting to open Coordinate System debugger with 2+ observations taken from the same position
  • DSOF-19263 XR: Fixed an issue where Lens Poses were not removed when all relevant observations have been individually deleted
  • DSOF-19261 XR: Fixed an error when attempting to open Coordinate System debugger with Calibration Scope 'Registration Only' or any Calibration Scope and manual observations
  • DSOF-19257 - Fixed an issue whereestarting a single or multiple machines in a d3net session doesn't bring them back online
  • DSOF-19255 - Fixed an issue where the ath in fullscreen notification when exporting current camera frame / view is empty 
  • DSOF-19254 - Fixed Unicode characters not being supported in d3 projects path
  • DSOF-19251 Camera: Fixed an issue where venue objects could still be lasso/shift-selected when venue visibility is off
  • DSOF-19250 - Fixed an issue where Spherical camera rendered stage with reversed z order
  • DSOF-19245 Notch: Fixed LoadDFX fails with unicode block paths
  • DSOF-19244 - Fixed an issue where process creation does not support unicode paths
  • DSOF-19242 - Fixed an issue where SyntaxError spammed the console when newlines are present in Web layer string fields
  • DSOF-19240 - Fixed being unable to reset OmniCal QuickAlign lineup
  • DSOF-19238 OmniCal: Fixed being unable to open View Calibration
  • DSOF-19237 - Fixed Esc + Enter shortcut not presenting confirmation dialog
  • DSOF-19235 - Layer Stack: Fixed video playback speed being doubled when in 'Normal' mode
  • DSOF-19229 - Uxfade: Fixed an access violation in PlayHead::playModeChanged
  • DSOF-19221 - Fixed the format field in video input patch not updating immediately when input format is changed
  • DSOF-19214 - RenderStream is now spelt correctly in RenderStream machine settings
  • DSOF-19208 - Fixed an issuewhere Async file loading meant that max width and height values in SlugFont were not initialised if extent is called too early
  • DSOF-19207 - Fixed Slug rendering slightly wider than previous DxFont for the same point size and font
  • DSOF-19205 - Fixed Callsite specified text scaling no longer working in font rendering
  • DSOF-19203 - Text objects now cache scale and rebuild dynamically when scale changes
  • DSOF-19190 - XML Workflow -  Fixed an Access Violation when loading XML files without a fixture
  • DSOF-19187 - Fixed an issue where an empty session name crashes all comms instances
  • DSOF-19183  - Fixed an error thrown when attempting to Add Observation without having expanded Blob Settings separator
  • DSOF-19180 - Fixed Renderstream not working if controller machine is replaced by understudy
  • DSOF-19178 - Fixed an issue where d3 cannot run with embedded display manager due to not being able to share channels within a single comms node 
  • DSOF-19163 - Fixed an issue where dragging Vicon device out of the list in device manager and re-adding it requires a restart of d3 before Vicon data is received again
  • DSOF-19162 - Fixed an where stopping and starting Vicon streaming data, the d3 Vicon device did not reconnect
  • DSOF-19153 - Fixed an issue when a multi-user session is in use with UE saving the scene,a crash could occur
  • DSOF-19152 - Fixed an issue where faces / vertices / edges culled by Face Cull Mode were still selectable
  • DSOF-19123 - Fixed an issue where video layers in layer stack flickered
  • DSOF-19122 - Fixed a NoneType error when opening profiler - machine double-unsubscribed
  • DSOF-19115 - Fixed an issue where project diagnostics would try to compress files that are much too large
  • DSOF-19103 - Fixed: Content Table Export - Feature exports all tracks instead of selected
  • DSOF-19095 - Fixed asset source error being shown in the wrong place
  • DSOF-19093 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where there was no way for a follower to know if streams changed
  • DSOF-19070 - Fixed an issue where the first slice of RenderStream Uncompressed is offset incorrectly when padding is set
  • DSOF-19062 - RenderStream: Fixed stream conflict when splitting Unreal workload across multiple render nodes
  • DSOF-19054 - Fixed an issue when RenderStream versions did not match, d3 would hang when opening the Cluster Workload tooltip window
  • DSOF-19049 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue where assignment forecast does not show manually assigned fragments
  • DSOF-19046 - Fixed an issue where genlock indicator was mis-matched between Session monitor and Feed View
  • DSOF-19045 - Fixed an issue where you would be unable to open editor of 'New luma keyed input' if closed
  • DSOF-19042 - Fixed an issue where system diagnostics did not store log files created in Saved folder of Unreal projects
  • DSOF-19027 - Fixed an issue where dragging left/right to adjust parameters can sometimes result in values outside of the min/max range
  • DSOF-19017 - Improved UI to sign post error with preferred network setting in assigner after IP has changed
  • DSOF-19015 - Fixed an Access Violation launching RS workload when engine-specific settings object has not been created
  • DSOF-19013 Fixed: “WorkloadManager: Attempted to update running process for workload instance that doesn’t exist” notification when using 2 x RS layers, each with a different workload controller
  • DSOF-19011 - Fixed an issue where MR set content was not rendering at overscan resolution
  • DSOF-19008 - Fixed an issue when adding a layer to the stack, remnants of the layer creation window floated around
  • DSOF-18998 - Fixed an issue where direct-mapped UE Renderstream content stretched to fit screen
  • DSOF-18994 - Fixed an issue with RenderStream API not responding with RenderStream layers which haven't been started
  • DSOF-18981 - Fixed "object has no attribute 'previewShowAlpha'" error when opening layer editor for TransportControl layer / module
  • DSOF-18971 - Fixed an issue where opening the debug menu created access violations
  • DSOF-18967 - Fixed an issue where selecting edit on a layer in the stack that already has its editor open will close that editor
  • DSOF-18959 - Fixed an issue where several layer stack changes could not be undone/redone
  • DSOF-18957 - Fixed an issue where MR set components don't update camera proxies
  • DSOF-18935 - Fixed an issue where Pickwhipping Surface Brightness to open layer did not populate parameter name
  • DSOF-18934 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where stream width not divisible by 8 results in missing pixels in slices
  • DSOF-18932 - Fixed an issue where renaming multiple layers does not increment properly in Layer Stacks
  • DSOF-18891 - Fixed an issue where Bitmap colour palette did not change if the RGB values are manually selected
  • DSOF-18889 - Fixed a segmentation fault thrown by layer tests
  • DSOF-18884 - Fixed the fade layer / module being broken
  • DSOF-18882 - Fixed being unable to undo pre/post input transform
  • DSOF-18877 - Fixed a deadlock in RenderStream comms/logging functions
  • DSOF-18819 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where workloads which choose to shut down cleanly appeared as crashed
  • DSOF-18812 - Fixed an audio output buffer error on startup, stopping any audio output device from working
  • DSOF-18774 - Fixed objects that aren't "on stage" taking mouse selection
  • DSOF-18765 - Fixed an issue where the speed value of 1 didn't work after being set to 0 in the videotransition module
  • DSOF-18762 - Fixed an issue where d3 returned "has an exposed parameter of unsupported type "float4"" after loading a notch block
  • DSOF-18754 - Fixed an issue where forcing slow streams (25FPS) to run at 50FPS causes bandwidth usage to be double what is shown in the bandwidth estimate tool
  • DSOF-18753 - Improved RenderStream bandwidth usage
  • DSOF-18742 _ Fixed RenderStream Frame Response Error
  • DSOF-18739 - RenderStream: fixed an issue where if default maps are set to ‘None’ but the scene selection is set to ‘Maps’, UE scenes will crash on startup
  • DSOF-18737 - Fixed an issue where workload widget could not be opened if no machines are online in the cluster pool
  • DSOF-18734 - Renderstream: Fixed Compressed RS "Packet Loss detected" and stream flashing gray
  • DSOF-18733 -  Fixed an issue where a RenderStream Uncompressed stream definition did not take into account layer framerate fraction.
  • DSOF-18714 - Fixed an issue where the tracker delay tool rendered overlaid lines as white
  • DSOF-18713 - Fixed an issue were the tracker delay calibration tool rendered wrong lines for complex mesh
  • DSOF-18693 - Fixed an issue where d3 could not export a Projector Study if one already exists
  • DSOF-18690 - Fixed an issue where the stage render layer didn't render to multiple viewpoints properly
  • DSOF-18689 - Fixed an issue where removing list controller from MR set didn’t set target to None
  • DSOF-18665 - Fixed an issue where the window size grows by number of nodes when disableUnrealConfigUpdate enabled
  • DSOF-18642 - Fixed an issue where the measurement arrow was no longer being displayed
  • DSOF-18637 - XR: modified behaviour of taking manual observations when Alignment Object set to "None"
  • DSOF-18635 - Fixed an issue where the MultiChannelMapping editor couldn’t show all feed mappings in list
  • DSOF-18629 - Fixed an issue where deleted LayerStack modules stay popped up
  • DSOF-18624 - Fixed an issue where dragging on property to modify the value only worked on the label itself
  • DSOF-18603 - Fixed an issue where a video layer sequenced with speed 0 followed shortly after by an increased speed will repeatedly prefetch incorrect frames
  • DSOF-18600 - Fixed an issue where playing NotchLC at low speeds causes periodic spikes in CPU load
  • DSOF-18579 - Fixed render nodes showing as "Idle" in d3manager when workload is running
  • DSOF-18572 - Fixed an issue where d3service would crash if you have a circular shortcut in your Renderstream Projects folder
  • DSOF-18559 - Fixed Batch-Process OCL Interop Locks
  • DSOF-18553 - Fixed an issue where starting a stream after stopping it prompts error message
  • DSOF-18548 - Fixed an issue where if the director is not subscribed to a RenderStream, active latency gets stuck at a high value
  • DSOF-18527 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue where adding a machine 2+ times to a ClusterPool along with another machine results in false subnet error
  • DSOF-18525 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue where 'Restart' after failover left old Notch Host instances running
  • DSOF-18513 - Fixed an issue where all render nodes are shown in error when an error effects any of them
  • DSOF-18496 - ACES: Fixed 'Input Transform' field appearing twice in Camera editor widget
  • DSOF-18490 - Cannot start d3 when large number of machines are on the network
  • DSOF-18481 RenderStream: Fixed 'workload instance mismatch' error when starting RSUC workload with 3 machines
  • DSOF-18479 - Improved performance in feed view with lots of screens / projectors
  • DSOF-18474 - Fixed 'TLS initialization failed' error when starting d3 or RenderStream workload
  • DSOF-18464 - Network widget 'mark as failed' button is no longer greyed out
  • DSOF-18452 - Fixed mobile editors that join a session reporting themselves as offline nodes until project restart.
  • DSOF-18450 - Fix Module search to matches correct names
  • DSOF-18445 - Fixed an issue where machine status widget goes off screen when many machine renderstream machines exist
  • DSOF-18417 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue where streams could occasionally drop before recovering
  • DSOF-18414 - Fixed critical graphs sometimes not updating
  • DSOF-18403 - Fixed an issue where d3 dropped frames when running 12k x 2160 renderstream over 4 x4k outputs
  • DSOF-18400 - Fixed RenderStream Uncompressed sending applications failing to send with cudaErrorAlreadyMapped
  • DSOF-18375 - Fixed an issue where no_devices_with_ip error did not call out the fact that you cannot set 169 or 255 as the first octet.
  • DSOF-18372 - Fixed an issue where starting up a director with an actor already in session will force the director to wait for 120 second timeout to launch.,
  • DSOF-18369 - Fixed an issue where Content Source Machine cannot be populated immediately after populating machines into cluster pool
  • DSOF-18358 - Fixed an Access Violation when setting a machine from editor -> director with enableMediaStaging option switch set
  • DSOF-18345 - Fixed ValueBox expressions being incorrect for resources with sub-paths
  • DSOF-18341 - Fixed serialization helpers silently failing
  • DSOF-18340 - Fixed an issue where a mismatch between machine name and host name prevents RenderStream discovery
  • DSOF-18329 - Fixed Timecode tags not going red when track gets duplicated
  • DSOF-18268 - Fixed d3 installer overwriting custom RenderStream Projects Folder registry key
  • DSOF-18240 - Fixed an issue where a hang would occur on closing d3 when ingesting bad file
  • DSOF-18205 - ACES: Fixed RGB values being incorrectly converted to DMX values when mapped to DMX screens or DMX lights
  • DSOF-18190 - Fixed an issue where the output feed turned red when surface is out of stage view.
  • DSOF-18179 - Fixed Unpacked apx files in project resulting in an illegal attempt to create an absolute folder path
  • DSOF-18149 - Fixed machine role logging not being called often, which can lead to old and incorrect information in the console
  • DSOF-18129 Renderstream: Fixed CUDA error: cudaErrorMemoryAllocation - out of memory
  • DSOF-18065 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where schema from machines not in the ClusterPool read
  • DSOF-18032 - Fixed a typo in console_d3service.txt when indicating the adapter index
  • DSOF-17948 RenderStream: Fixed Content Source Machine should reporting as out of sync if used as render node
  • DSOF-17947 RenderStream: Fixed schema / JSON changes not synchronising on Sync
  • DSOF-17941 Omnical: Fixed an issue where calibration reports could not be reopened once the project has been closed
  • DSOF-17886 - Fixed an issue where the GUI did not update on Director when muting a layer on an Editor (while locked to Director)
  • DSOF-17792 RenderStream: Fixed workload crashing when terminating d3
  • DSOF-17648 - Fixed an issue where isRenameTableEnabled created "phantom" entries
  • DSOF-17579 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where Bandwidth Estimate table caused Workload Instances to become misaligned
  • DSOF-17534 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where Engine Health reported as "Error" when failed over
  • DSOF-17514 - Fixed an issue where content rendered from tracked perspective of Camera out of sync between machines
  • DSOF-17512 Fixed an issue where RenderStream layers report receiving health ‘good’ when it's not.
  • DSOF-17511 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where the instance status in Cluster Workload widget was not always correct
  • DSOF-17489 - Fixed an issue where Images reprojected badly on bad camera switch
  • DSOF-17457 - Fixed an issue where Symbols cannot be loaded for encrypted dlls
  • DSOF-17368 - Fixed an issue where you could multi-select actors in ActorStatusWidget but could not issue actions against the whole selection
  • DSOF-17364 - Fixed an issue where IdentityDomain had one less resource than the resource system at first project run
  • DSOF-17342 - Fixed an issue where RenderStream attempted to use unplugged adapters for ndisplay sessions
  • DSOF-17284 - Fixed an issue where console files have unix line endings, causing incorrect formatting in certain applications
  • DSOF-17255 - Added .rc files to d3assetlauncher, d3renderstream and d3renderstreamsend
  • DSOF-17148 - Fixed an issue where after assigning a dmx table to a screen, d3 adds two empty lines in the CSV file.
  • DSOF-17133 - RenderStream: Fixed a workload command failure when attempting to quit multiple Unreal streams on single machine
  • DSOF-17121 - Fixed an Access Violation reinstating mr set to stage list that has had it's led screens removed
  • DSOF-17052 - Fixed an issue where on AvailableStreamsChanged logged on any comms node leaving the session caused false logging and excessive spam
  • DSOF-16993 - Fixed an issue where Actors that hang on launch would cause the Director to never start due to waiting for project sync behavior
  • DSOF-16910 - RenderStream: Fixed an issue where the wrong log was used for multiple instances on a single render node
  • DSOF-16853 - Fixed the Installer not creating start menu shortcut to d3 manager on a RX
  • DSOF-16748 - Fixed an issue where turning off machines currently in the cluster workload while the Workload widget is open caused an error
  • DSOF-16716 - Fixed an issue where leaving a layer name blank meant you cannot then rename it
  • DSOF-16661 - RenderStream: Fixed bound-check error when sync task is removed from list and notification still open
  • DSOF-16603 - RenderStream - Fixed Access Violations when starting d3 with an existing Unreal workload still running on rx's
  • DSOF-16597 XR: Fixed 'no active viewports' error when MR Set has no target camera
  • DSOF-16469 - Fixed an issue where a machine rejoining a session was reported as expired
  • DSOF-16417 - Renderstream: Fixed editor's RenderStream layer statuses not matching servers in the session
  • DSOF-16416 RenderStream: Fixed an issue where Editor machines repeatedly log 'Unable to create video capture stream' notifications while in session with a machine running uncompressed RenderStream
  • DSOF-16389 - Fixed an Access Violation on attempting to start workload with no mapping assigned to a channel
  • DSOF-16256 - Fixed being unable to set separate overscan components for RenderStream
  • DSOF-16072 - Provided an indication that d3 is not fullscreen when it expects to be and vice-versa
  • DSOF-15553 - Fixed an issue where the feed mapping editor showed white screens in a Notch. Then shows the first pixel in future use
  • DSOF-15452 - Warn users when the DxTexture / VideoFile is greater than the local limitation
  • DSOF-14796 - Fixed Text/Images on the Virtual Lineup Layer being at the wrong proxy level
  • DSOF-14313 - Fixed Spatial maps rotating around the wrong point
  • DSOF-13470 - Fixed an issue where reference points created after creating a point outside mesh will lead to RT: topological sort notifications
  • DSOF-12837 - Fixed an issue where looping within a section with loop play mode occasionally played content of first frame in next section
  • DSOF-12387 - Fixed an issue where tRender quality degraded over time, causes stuttering playback after a few hours
  • DSOF-12246 - Fixed an issue where props in stage could not be selected/deselected via the Venue editor window.
  • DSOF-10962 - Fixed an issue where generated EDIDs were not compatible with all HDMI devices, and may fail to acquire correct mode/bit depth/sampling in some situations
  • DSOF-10868 - Fixed ideoClip bit depth is not being propagated from VideoFile after ingest
  • DSOF-9815 - Fixed an issue where fade up/down/hold with an editor in independent mode affected the master
  • DSOF-8936 - Fixed an issue where isolating a group mutes every layer on the timeline
  • DSOF-8817 - Fixed an issue where hidden objects can still be interacted with
  • DSOF-6599 - Notch: Fixed DfxSystem incorrectly matching different blocks on filenameAndExtension
  • DSOF-4904 - Fixed an issue where the sticky pin icon could be lost when editors or cue list refreshes
  • DSOF-3319 - Fixed an issue where sSetting track total length to 0, then change to non-0, might not show the newly set time


  • DSOF-18764 - Legacy Video Module doesn’t work with color shift
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects Version: r19.1.7
    • Fixed in r21.0


  • DSOF-20056 - Tracking Camera frustrum out of sync between Director & Actor with AxisObjectTrackingSource
    • Workaround: Not Known
    • Affects version: r21.0
    • Fix due in r21.0.1


  • DSOF-18015 - Intermittent issue - Heap Corruption causing Crash To Desktop
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects version: r19.0.1


  • DSOF-17848 - With "disableDmxPacketSendWait" on, lost sACN node on network still causes the project to slow to a halt.
    • Workaround: Add a static entry into the local systems ARP table.
      • Open an elevated commant prompt.
      • Find out MAC for IP, could use arp -a to see existing entries in local arp cache.
      • Run netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces to get a list of interface names.
      • Add a new entry to the ARP table netsh interface ipv4 add neighbors "<interface name>" <dest ip> <dest mac>
      • E.g netsh interface ipv4 add neighbors "Wi-Fi" 01-02-03-04-05-06
      • Remove entry like so; netsh interface ipv4 delete neighbors <dest ip>
      • Important - Remove entries when done or re-image system!!! Otherwise network issues may occur in the future sending the manually added IP addresses.
    • Affects version: r18.1.7


  • DSOF-17540 - Sequencing changes do not transfer to other machines in session when restoring a snapshot
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects version: r18.1.2


  • DSOF-17193 - Multi User Edit in UE requires preferred sync adapter to be set to a network adapter which is available to all machines
    • Workaround: Often the preferred sync adapter is set to the 25Gb network to facilitate faster sync. Unless all machines in the network have a 25Gb adapter, the preferred sync adapter must be set to another network adapter when multi user edit sessions are running in UE. The adapter can be changed back for when running sync tasks.
    • Affects version: r18.0


  • DSOF-17108 - Current NCAM data implementation used can exhibit unreliable packet timing
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects version: r18.0


  • DSOF-16935 - d3 cannot set SDI VFCs to Quad 4K 2SI 23.98, 24, 29.97 or 30Hz
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects version: r18.0.2


  • DSOF-16425 - Renderstream: When using MultiChannelMapping, only one spatial map w backplate is able to change position/rotation
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects version: r18


  • DSOF-16082 - Clustered Rendering: d3service requires restart for asset discovery to work on new Unity executables
    • Workaround: restart d3 service
    • Affects version: r18


  • DSOF-15553 - Feed mapping editor shows white screens in a notch layer on first use. In subsequent use it will then show the first pixel
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects version: r17.4.9


  • DSOF-15445 - Editor machines with a user account linked to an Microsoft Account can't join d3 sessions due to permissions errors
    • Workaround: Create a second local user account
    • Affects version: r17.4.8


  • DSOF-12837 - Looping within a section with loop play mode occasionally plays content of first frame in next section
    • Workaround: Not known
    • Affects version: r17.0.2


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