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slick production.

build: 69078 (released June 30th, 2020)

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What's new?

Your workflow streamlined for enhanced efficiency.

Say hello to r17.3, the latest software from disguise. r17.3 adds powerful new features to your toolkit including Indirections, Multi-layer Editing, Object Assignment Hotkeys and Crossfade Loop Section Play Mode, all purpose-built for slick and efficient production.
disguise software simplified and optimised, with r17.3 you can work fast, respond to changes on the fly and work your way to deliver your next visual experience with total confidence.

Download r17.3


Indirections gives you new flexibility to change keyframe objects on the fly such as mappings, video clips, textures and configurations. You can also choose how to control your indirection for example via OSC, UDP and DMX or a dedicated API.

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Multi-layer Editing

Multi-layer editing will allow you to save time sequencing and simplify your workflow by assigning common parameter values across multiple layers. As you action feedback on the fly, you will also ensure precious time onsite is spent on capturing performances and not making technical changes which may slow down production.

Object Assignment Hotkeys

Object assignment hotkeys allow you to work your way, keep up momentum and do your best work to deliver the production. Tailor your workflow for speed and ease of use by assigning your own custom keyboard shortcuts for supported objects. You can also quickly iterate through layers.

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Reference Point Manager

You can control the whole picture with Reference Point Manager. It enables you to stay on top of your projectors by being able to view and manage all calibration points in your project in a single place.

Crossfaded Loop Section Mode

Get it right at the source with Crossfaded Loop Section Mode. With this feature, you can decide how media will loop in the moment, meaning less time spent later in post or enabling shooting houses delivering the plate directly. Crossfaded Loop Section Mode enables quick reactions by giving you the flexibility to not have to play through the entire clips, makes this quick and easy to get the right point.

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17.3 features overview

Also in r17.3

Updated terminology

NDI SDK has been updated to version 4.5

The ability to point manager at a template project 

Alt-drag in the feed mapping editor

Clicking a tag or note now jumps the exact frame where the tag is placed

Dither parameter added to the gradient texture tool to help reduce banding

You can now pause the playback of a Notch block

Import and Export of feed maps

Download r17.3

Release notes for r17.3

Improvements, fixes and known issues in r17.3
New Features
  • Designer now allows physical video inputs to be assigned to all 4 slots
  • Indirections
  • Layer Multi Edit
  • The user can now specify a lower frame rate fraction for the GUI
  • Solver smoothing factor setting in the rigid body editor
  • Users can now assign key framable objects to hotkeys to allow for faster keyframing
  • Banks are now available for OSC Sockpuppet
  • Reference point list
  • Stage export now supports additional formats


  • Networked machines now have new role names - Director & Actor
  • Track crossfade setting now allows for expanded Universal Crossfade functionality
  • Feed maps can now be imported & exported via the table functionality
  • Operations on multiple feed rectangles now have more discoverable UI
  • NDI SDK updated to version 4.5
  • Exposure & gain controls now available in the OmniCal camera check UI
  • Camera exposure can now be adjusted in the setup capture UI
  • The Notch layer now defaults to pre-multiplied alpha blend mode
  • Notch logging is now enabled by default
  • useRequiredVFCResolution setting is now visible in the Advanced Project Settings
  • The filmic grain layer can now act as an effect layer
  • The colour adjust layer can now act as an effect layer
  • When starting a network session, the project file is loaded and all machines started before loading a notch block
  • Universal crossfade now has a loop mode
  • Alt drag can now be used in the feed mapping editor
  • A template project can now be set in Manager
  • Clicking a tag now jumps you to the frame where the tag is located
  • Clicking a note now jumps you to the frame where the note is located
  • The gradient texture tool now has a dither parameter to help reduce banding
  • The GUI now uses a faster method to blur, giving a minor performance increase
  • Notch layers now have access to the "pause" playmode


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes objects could not be removed from the trash
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused media ingestion errors on project launch
  • Fixed an issue where PSN data could sometimes cause a critical error
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes parameter metadata could not be accessed by the user
  • Fixed an issue that caused arrows not to work for compositing certain layers
  • Fixed an issue where setting the TimecodeReadout size to a high value could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused issues when moving a project between gx2 and gx2c
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a hang while receiving automation data
  • Fixed an issue where Notch blocks were sometimes marked as missing after a live reload
  • Fixed an issue that caused a "bad files" error when emptying the trash
  • Fixed an issue where nCam field of view was incorrect in some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where stage export as FBX would export in the wrong scale
  • Fixed an issue where stage export as FBX would invert screen meshes
  • Fixed an issue where the stYpe axis ordering was incorrect in the driver
  • Fixed an issue where playback would stutter on a gx2c when using keyframed Notch text
  • Fixed an issue that caused the minimise track arrow to become missing
  • Fixed an issue that caused a critical rendering error when DMXLights were in the stage
  • Fixed an issue where network adapters that contain "MGMT" did not appear in the list in Manager
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes project diagnostics could not be made in certain builds of r17.2
  • Fixed an issue where the test pattern layer did not render correctly when zoomed out
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when attempting to copy a key widget with no keyframes
  • Fixed an issue when opening a key widget with an object view the cursor is immediately captured by the search field of that view
  • Fixed an issue with live video capture via an AJA Kona 5
  • Fixed an issue when overwriting existing camera study PDF files could sometimes cause a hang
  • Fixed an issue that caused Advanced Project Settings to not wrap in the menu
  • Fixed an issue where removing a time period from the start of the track could cause an error when performing certain functions
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed layers to be edited even while locked
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when merging sections on the timeline
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused point clouds not to display when using OmniCal
  • Fixed an issue where lens distortion information for Mo-Sys is was incorrectly applied
  • Fixed an issue where auto z clipping values could be lost when a restart occurs
  • Fixed an issue where the virtual reality editor could sometimes throw errors
  • Fixed an issue where front plate could sometimes not be shown in the camera preview
  • Fixed an issue where the layer editor did not always remember its last known position
  • Fixed an issue in the transport control layer when using a DPI level of 100
  • Fixed an issue that caused issues stickying items after using sticky with the DMX device list
  • Fixed an issue that caused feed rectangles to render incorrectly after being flipped
  • Fixed an issue that caused lookat distance to no longer move the projector
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong expression to be created when linked two parameters together in an open layer
  • Fixed an issue where the fade layer didn't always render to all displays
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the GUI to be updated on actors even when disabled
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a crash when exporting the stage as FBX
  • Fixed an issue that meant there was no way to hide VR headsets or controllers
  • Fixed an issue with the DMX sockpuppet video trigger layer that sometimes caused a warning error
  • Fixed an issue where users were not warned when displays are running at different actual resolutions
  • Fixed an issue that caused a rendering error when the visualiser camera was set to 1280x720
  • Fixed an issue where users were not notified that comments or revision are to be changed after every export of a projector study
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl + z deleted a tag/note after moving using alt+drag instead of reverting back to previous position on timeline
  • Fixed an issue where splitting a feed rectangle after rotating cause distortion
  • Fixed an issue that allowed any type of characters to be used in the Insert Time field
  • Fixed an issue where inverting Soft Edge Texture points produces white where black should be
  • Fixed an issue that presented an error when exporting screen frame while the screen is inactive
  • Fixed an issue where an error could be thrown when a Notch block had exposable arrays
  • Fixed an issue where 3D manipulators could not be enabled without a restart
  • Fixed an issue that cause a UI error when undoing the creation of a feed rectangle
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the ball would go through the bat when using the Tennis layer
  • Fixed an issue where Transport selection was red when default is selected in the TransportControl layer
  • Fixed an issue with the camera visualiser view scale
  • Fixed an issue where the feed map editor could sometimes go blank after an und action
  • Fixed an issue where a file list was left at the project root after creating a diagnostic
  • Fixed an issue where audio was disabled in the Tennis layer
  • Fixed an issue where bat speed variable was broken in the Tennis layer


Technical Advisories


  • Extremely demanding Notch blocks can cause an oversubscription of available memory resources - click here for full advisory.


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    disguise-Notch block bundled with designer software prior to r15.1.


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    zip file of a demo project outlining the capabilities of the web layer integration with javascript & HTML.


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