Data Insights Analyst - London

Department: Business Intelligence 

Level: Mid-level 

Reports to: Head of Business Intelligence and Technology 

Why we're here

Our vision is to be at the heart of every inspiring live experience in the world by creating a powerful, collaborative environment where artists and technologists can bring their shared vision to life.

With an established range of products, we are leading the market in building a software and hardware solution that designs, sequences and controls the most progressive live entertainment and experiences.

Over the last year our products have been placed at the heart of the Grammys; the Brit Awards; touring the world with U2, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga; live events including Coachella and Glastonbury; theatre productions such as Frozen and Harry Potter; product launches for the likes of Nike and Apple; and a growing number of films and live TV broadcasts.

We are a fast-growing company who hire bright, creative, talented individuals across the world to push the boundaries of visual experiences and build lasting relationships with our community.

We are delighted to have featured in the Sunday Times Tech Tracker 2018, listing Britain's fastest-growing tech companies.

See our showreel below, demonstrating just some of the incredible work from disguise.


Why you're here

The Data Insights Analyst serves as a liaison between the end users and BI team and gathers business requirements.

With responsibility to: 

  • Interview end users to determine requirements for data, reports, analyses, metadata, training, service levels, data quality, and performance 
  • Work with architects to translate requirements into technical specifications document requirements 
  • Help identify and assess potential data sources 
  • Recommend appropriate scope of requirements and priorities 
  • Validate that BI meets requirements and service level agreements 
  • Coordinate prototype reviews 
  • Gather prototype feedback 

The Data Insights Analyst structures data for optimal access, performance, and integration. This role is responsible for building new data sets and data structures as required to support business needs, and for managing the distribution, replication, and archival of data. They must manage the balance of current and future needs in both design and content. This role requires a blend of skills normally found in the specialised roles of business analyst, data modeler, and database analyst. The role works closely with the BI data architect to ensure compliance with all standards, and to ensure that the project deliverables are consistent with the integrated data model and other information architecture deliverables.

With the corresponding responsibilities: 

  • Create subject area model 
  • Create or review business enterprise model 
  • Interpret requirements 
  • Create logical staging area model 
  • Create structural staging area model 
  • Create physical staging area model 
  • Create logical distribution model 
  • Create structural distribution model 
  • Create physical distribution model 
  • Create logical relational model 
  • Create structural relational model 
  • Create physical relational model 
  • Create logical dimensional model 
  • Create structural dimensional model 
  • Create physical dimensional model 
  • Validate models with production data 
  • Develop processes for capturing and maintaining metadata from all BI components 

You will act as an expert in understanding business objectives, questions, and problems, and at obtaining and presenting data to address the issues. The analyst creates data results through a mastery of techniques and tools that range from basic queries through multidimensional analyses and data mining, forming new relations and derivations as necessary, and extracting the maximum amount of valid information content from the data. Extensive insight into the business and the data are essential. The analyst participates in design of data marts to provide the optimal balance of data availability, format, flexibility, and performance.


It is the analyst’s responsibility to: 

  • Educate users on warehousing capabilities 
  • Analyze business information requirements 
  • Design training infrastructure 
  • Discover business transformation rules 
  • Work with production data to validate business requirements 
  • Map business needs/requirements to subject area model and to logical enterprise model 
  • Create state transformation models 
  • Discover dimension hierarchies 
  • Validate hierarchies with production data 
  • Define business rules for state detection 
  • Work with production data to design access structures 
  • Classify business users by type 
  • Define and get agreement with business users on service-level agreements 
  • Develop security rules/standards 
  • Create data results through techniques and tools such as basic queries, data mining and multidimensional analysis 
  • Develop necessary reports 
  • Develop decision support and EIS applications 
  • Develop Internet and intranet delivery applications 
  • Convert existing reporting applications to the environment 
  • Develop new periodic report applications 
  • Develop training materials and train BI users 
  • Write users' guides 
  • Plan acceptance test and execute acceptance test plan 
  • Implement support plan 
  • Assist users in finding the right information 
  • Interface with process teams regarding business process reengineering


Employee benefits 

We like to celebrate and have fun at disguise:

  • Gigs policy, we give everyone a £400 pa allowance to spend on any show/concert of choice
  • Annual Summer and Christmas parties which are always great fun!
  • Socials we like to celebrate, whether it’s going out, a birthday or just a Friday
  • Fruit, half decent coffee, Pizza days and ice cream in the summer
  • Our culture we have a great community culture here at disguise and make everyone feel welcomed!
  • Other benefits include a Health Cash-back plan, office massages and manicures and lots more


To apply for this role, please email your CV and cover letter to, clearly stating 'Data Insights Analyst - London' in the subject.