r15: New features, improvements and fixes


New features

[d3Manager] New mechanism for processing Options.ini and Machine.ini files

[Display Management] Add ability to independently manage GUI EDID emulation


[Modules] Improved handling of Web module for smoother animations

[Video Output] Improving usability and safety of Apply Feed Settings

[Visualiser] Add diffuse map to screens

[Keyframe Editor] Highlight keyframe that is being or will be edited

[d3Manager] Prompt users if old firmware or OS image is detected

[Modules] Increase number of custom parameters on the Web Module


[Audio] Removing Audio LineOut from Sockpuppet produces errors and may cause playback to fail

[Device Recording] Unable to open media - still copying? appears when trying to immediately play back a freshly created recording

[Feed Outputs] Referencing another projector on feed warps turns output black

[Feed Outputs] Hold, Fade Up & Fade Down commands do not pass over on editors when going between 'Independent' and 'Lock to Master'

[Feed Visualiser] solo GUI head is the right-most head in the feedview

[Feed Visualiser] Editors moving feed rectangles cause feed rectangles to jump about

[Live Update] Joining an Editor while in 'Hold' Output mode changes to Fade Up

[MIDI] Edge case of an infinite loop in MTCModule after first missed send window

[MIDI] Inconsistency in MidiNote output

[Modules] Trimming Module in 'Locked' places the first frame to the start of a VaraibleVideo layer

[Modules] TimecodeReadout exception if more than one video layer is present

[Monitors] Exception when deleting processes from the list in Monitor Manager

[Networking] Network lag can prevent Editors from joining a session without failed to sync warning

[Projector Calibration] Improvements to auto-z-clipping with OptiCal

[Projector Calibration] Potential for Editors not clearing reference points from the visualiser when closing projector configs

[Sockpuppet] Returning to a timecode chasing state from a LoopInframe state will offset timecode chase

[Startup] d3 quit takes noticeably longer

[Transport Controls] Having a Cue tag one frame after a Timecode Tag causes Timecode to fail

[Video Output] Specifying a bad clip rectangle causes a DirectX exception

[Video Output] Notify the user on detection of passive DP dongles

Current known issues


- VR entails on additional render overhead

- This may result in a poor performance


Upgrading 32-bit to 64-bit Sockpuppet shows

- There may be issues upgrading Sockpupper projects from 32-bit to 64-bit in 14.4.x builds. If your project falls into this category, please contact support@disguise.one who can arrange a project upgrade for you.


Permissions error after installing

- On a small number of machines, a python-based permissions error will prevent software from starting.

- This issue can be solved by restarting Windows


Potential UI performance regression with long and busy timelines

- With either long or busy timelines containing e.g. a plethora of notes/cues, the UI may suffer a degradation in performance

- Minimising the timeline negates this


Slideshows transition time

- The transition time between slides in slideshows is currently broken

- The fix for this makes fundamental changes to timeline operations, so will take a while to work its way into future releases


N.B. these are merely a sample of the fixes that have been implemented. A full changelog will be made available in the coming days

Please contact support@disguise.one for feedback and issues.