- 2016

disguise and Dorier Asia stun the crowd at this year'...

disguise and Dorier Asia stun the crowd at this year's 'The Future of Us'

disguise rental partner, Dorier Asia, created an immersive and multisensory experience at their The Future of Us exhibition, held at the Gardens by the Bay.

The event, which marked Singapore’s 50 years of independence, glimpsed into the possibilities of how Singaporeans will live, work, play, care and learn in the future.

A crowd favourite at the exhibition was ‘Symphony of the City’; this explored the future development of Singapore’s cityscape. The 4×4pro by disguise was the media server of choice for the project, former Managing Director at Dorier Asia, Rony Xu, explains how it was used;

“We used 4×4pro to playback content on 5 LED screens, each setup in equal-distance, to resemble the top/bottom half of a 10 sided polygon. This was the first view that greeted visitors when they walked into the Dome. These immersive displays enveloped anyone standing or seated in the midst of the Dome. Disguise was also used to playback a table top projection where content was interspersed to mingle between LED screens and the table top projection mapping.”

Given the varied nature of the task in hand, disguise provided Dorier Asia with their best solution. It’s diverse range of tools meant they were able to visually stun those attending, as Rony Xu explains;

“We needed a product that could use 8 outputs in a single machine; there are not many that even offer this function. There was then the need to configure outputs/content mapping onto the table top display, and because the table top display was a constant work in progress; we needed the projector simulation function to constantly tweak the output. Finally, we needed to work in a three-dimensional space, this was something we couldn’t do with other products.”
For more information, please contact Dorier Asia – Singapore.