- 2017

disguise drives TDC Open House

Earlier this month, Studio and Rental partner TDC, held a three day Open House event at their head office in Sydney, Australia.

The event, which was attended by over 400 production professionals, gave an insight into the latest advances in live production.  Steve Cain, TDC's Head Engineer/Media Server Specialist and Certified Trainer, presented an impressive 73 live demonstrations over the course of three days, showcasing the endless opportunities available when disguise, BlackTrax and Notch combine.

Cain adds; ‘we used our vast range of 4x4pros to drive a lot of our displays and to show how disguise interfaces with various control platforms. We also wanted to highlight the many different features, such as UV mapping and automation tracking, making clear that it’s different from other servers in the market.”

The TDC team also used their Studio space to pre-visualise, programme and content proof the whole of the Open House event.

“We received great feedback from clients,” says Cain. “They were blown away with how our state of the art technology combined into amazingly powerful systems can offer them new ways to deliver their events.”

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