- 2016

disguise helps 3DR defy Gravity at NAB 2016

All of it Now and WorldStage Event worked with disguise to provide the most powerful media server solution in the market; the production involved a 10 output cylindrical projection for 3D Robotics at North America’s largest entertainment industry convention, NAB

With over 103,000 people in attendance this year, 3DR wanted to attract a lot of attention with a vibrant and dynamic centerpiece for their booth.

The booth featured a gravity defying 20’ (6 meters) diameter cylinder featuring drone footage shot by Go Pro’s signature Hero 4 camera. All of it Now, a creative agency based in San Francisco, CA, used 10 Epson PowerLite Pro Z 10,000 lumen WUXGA projectors in a stacked and blended configuration. This allowed for realization of a seamlessly rotating 360 cylindrical projection, outputting 8K width content using a combined total of 100,000 lumens.

The disguise media server was selected for its real-time 3D pre-visualisation, advanced 3D mapping features, and ability to handle a dynamic convention environment where key factors can change in a heartbeat.

“One of the key factors for using disguise was its pre-visualization video exports, which was crucial in winning us the job,” says Danny Firpo, CEO of All of it Now, LLC.

“Being able to render a fly through of the design along with the pitch gave the client the confidence they needed to choose the right agency for the job.”

In addition to the pre-visualization features for use in pre-production, the 3D mapping and transformation features made disguise a breeze to work with once the team was on site. “Trying to map and edge blend 10 unique outputs in other conventional 2D mapping software would have been an absolute chore. The Quick Cal feature in designer made mapping, stacking and edge blending a simpler, more streamlined process compared to the alternative options,” says Berto Mora, disguise programmer and operator for All of it Now. “Coming from a 3D background has made the move from 2D mapping software a logical jump”, he adds, “being able to build a 3D model of the surface, and then texture the model using the video content is a much more satisfying experience than warping a 2D to fit a 3D object.”

A single 4×4pro server with the new 4k DVI VFC cards was used for all 10 WUXGA outputs, a true testament to the disguise motto “push every pixel”. All 10 outputs were synced internally using the FirePro W9100’s framelock feature.

In addition to mapping and animating 3DR’s company content onto the cylinder, Berto Mora was also able to use disguise’s internal generative content engine to create transitions and scrolling effects.

“disguise made the revision process faster,” he says. “We ran into some frame rate issues where some of the content was shot in 23.976 fps. By standardising our filenames and versions, swapping out the 23.976 fps to the 30 fps and 60 fps versions was very simple and intuitive.”

Berto Mora says the NAB show “proved that disguise truly can ‘push every pixel’, handling super-wide content resolutions across 10 simultaneous outputs.”

Oren Schauble, VP of Marketing at 3D Robotics adds “At 3DR, we worked hard to create a best-in-class presence at NAB 2016. The impact of our tradeshow experience centered around a one-of-a-kind visual experience from All of It Now & disguise, an eye-catching seamless video projection that towered above the show floor. Our partners executed this flawlessly, and it was the most asked about show feature we’ve ever employed.”

All of it Now is a creative agency based in California who specialises in live video production, projection mapping, 360 video, and interactive design. 3D Robotics are North America’s largest consumer and commercial drone manufacturer, known for making Solo—the world’s first Smart Drone—and the Pixhawk, the world’s most popular autopilot platform. WorldStage is a disguise rental partner and studio providing audio, video and lighting technologies to the corporate, artistic and theatrical communities throughout the United States.
Photo credits: all Kevin Zhu and Berto Mora © All of it Now, LLC