- 2015

disguise release new pro range - two new servers n...

disguise release new pro range - two new servers now shipping

disguise are now shipping their two new servers, the 4×4pro and the 4×2pro, together forming the all-new pro range.

With a strong focus on power, convenience and flexibility, the pro range has been developed with the latest in technology in order to provide customers the best possible show delivery experience – not just for today’s shows, but for all those future shows which will become increasingly demanding and reliant on innovative technology.

The flagship of the pro range, the 4×4pro sets a new industry standard for power, convenience and flexibility. It can Push Every Pixel over four 4K outputs, or sixteen HD outputs. This means one 4×4pro can replace four current market standard media servers with four outputs each. More information on the 4×4pro on our product pages.

Built with the same DNA as its bigger brother, the 4×2pro has the same aluminium and steel ruggedised chassis as the 4×4pro. The also share military-grade SSE enclosures, an OLED front panel to indicate machine name and status, and a handy backpanel light. A strong midrange server, it has enough power to drive its four DVI-D outputs at 2560×1600 and will Push Every Pixel up to 16 HD layers. Details on the 4×2pro can be found on our product pages.