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disguise steps up during WorldStage media server...

disguise steps up during WorldStage media server seminar

On Wednesday 15 February 2012, audio, video and lighting provider WorldStage organised a media server workshop for over 100 attendees in their New York City offices.

With a turnout almost twice as big as expected, the invite-only audience consisted of a wide range of industry professionals including programmers, technology directors, content creators and clients wanting to learn more about media servers. Lars Pedersen Director of Technology from WorldStage mentions: “I am absolutely pleased with the outcome of this workshop. The interest was very high and the feedback I got from attendees was that it was a superbly informative day.”

As one of four selected companies sharing their knowledge, disguise (formerly d3 Technologies) was “the new kid on the block” represented by operator and programmer Ben Keightley. With a succinct presentation solely in the designer environment, Lars mentions Ben did a fabulous job. “Someone even told me that Ben was not just informative but also charming, a compliment not often heard in the industry” – Lars adds.

“the general vibe of the feedback I got was people thought it was refreshing that I only showed the features in the designer environment – I was worried beforehand it was too technical for some, but it was the right thing to do: it’s the best way after all to show how you use the system.”
Ben Keightley

Over all it was an excellent show case for attendees to see that disguise does much more than ‘just’ act as a media server. With it’s design and 3D stage simulation features as well as sequencing abilities, Ben mentions attendees were wondering if a software only version for designers will be available shortly.

disguise can confirm that the wait will be short – stay tuned for more news and product releases during Prolight + Sound 2012, 21-24 March 2012 in Germany.

disguise would like to thank WorldStage for the opportunity and Ben Keightley for his excellent presentation.