- 2016

Dream Laser Becomes Newest Studio Partner in Ru...

Dream Laser Becomes Newest Studio Partner in Russia

Based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Dream Laser has become the latest Studio Partner. It joins partner studios around the world offering project advice, support, demos and visualisation facilities to fulfil the needs of disguise clients.

“We are delighted to welcome Dream Laser as our newest Studio Partner,” says Peter Kirkup, Technical Sales Manager, at disguise EMEA. 

“Dream Laser has been a member of our global network of rental partners, supplying clients’ disguise hardware requirements. Now it has expanded its commitment to comprehensive disguise services as a Studio Partner.”

Since 2005, Dream Laser has focused on the creation of laser shows, 3D mapping, video installations and multimedia productions and shows. The company works on a wide range of different events, from private and corporate to large festivals and concerts. They create turnkey projects with a team of designers for multimedia production and video content and a team of technical specialists who work with disguise and BlackTrax.

As part of becoming a Studio Partner, Dream Laser have received full training from disguise in the BlackTrax workflow and are able to deliver complete motion tracking productions.

Dream Laser is a strong advocate for disguise as the most versatile and reliable option on the market. It has used disguise products for the biggest, most innovative shows in Russia, including taking part in the live video of the annual Circle of Light Moscow International Festival, which recently set two world records for the largest projected image displayed on the façade of Moscow State University (along with Pavel Klimenko of SDI); the launch of the BMW 7 Series in Russia; and the 795th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod.


“The main goal of Dream Laser is to turn the incredible ideas and dreams of our clients into colorful projections that generate an exciting emotional response in the audience,” says Denis Chuchko, Business Director at Dream Laser. “Dream Laser was the first company in Russia to work with disguise systems exclusively; and we now have seven disguise servers. We believe that disguise has a variety of advantages compared to other systems, including the main advantage of reliability.”