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r11: introduced during Prolight +Sound 2013

r11: introduced during Prolight +Sound 2013

r11 adds speed, power and accuracy to your multi-projector shows.

disguise (formerly d3 Technologies) have introduced their new Release 11 software during Prolight + Sound 2013. Packed with new features specifically designed for complex multi-projector shows, r11 will help you dramatically reduce on-site set-up times, and deliver a faster, smoother workflow from start to finish to give you confidence in the face of tight deadlines.

r11 features QuickCal, a revolutionary new way to get your projectors lined up on site. Place virtual projectors in the stage simulator, drop reference points onto the 3D model of the projection surface, and then line them up on the actual surface. Regardless of how complex the surface model is, you only need 10-15 points per projector, so you can line up a projector in just a few minutes. Better still, QuickCal allows multiple operators to work in parallel, reducing setup time even further.
For those situations when you have a large number of projectors and a tight deadline, QuickCal makes projector lineup fast and easy.

r11’s video playback engine is now more powerful than ever. A single 4U machine now plays up to 12 layers of HD video, twice that of r10, and handles video files up to 8K pixels wide. Stack up your content to stay ahead of the ever-growing demand for bigger, better and more complex shows – and all this without upgrading the hardware.

r11 introduces a long-awaited feature, LiveUpdate, designed for large master/slave networks. Now all your editing changes are reflected instantly on the slaves, in real time. It’s so seamless, it’s like having a single machine at your fingertips.

Other features
Besides these major advances, r11 contains a range of improvements, including native LTC support, lower-latency video capture, lightweight recordable tutorials with audio, and easier network configuration.