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r12.1: Unlock the full power of VFC cards

r12.1: Unlock the full power of VFC cards

disguise is excited to announce that their latest 3G-SDI Video Format Conversion (VFC) cards are now available, completing the trio of cards offering DisplayPort, DVI and now 3G-SDI output options for the 4×4pro platform. Disguise’s VFC output cards are an industry first: no other media server on the market offers the ability to switch between output signal types, or to gracefully transition from HD to 4K.

Enabling users to drive up to 16×1080p outputs as DVI, 3G-SDI or 4×4K DP1.2 from a single 4×4pro system, disguise's VFC cards allow you to deliver large multi-projector shows with fewer machines, no downstream splitters or converters, and practically no signal latency, whilst always being perfectly in sync.

Check out some recent shows that have benefited from the power of VFC cards:

Madison Square Gardens by Worldstage

‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ is the world’s first fixed installation using VFC cards. The system synchronizes projection video, scoreboard video, and lighting and sound, turning MSG into a dynamic environment. Read more here


United Nation Global Goals by DWP

The most public face of the campaign was a 10-minute projection mapping on the iconic UN headquarters’ buildings in New York City. Three 4×4pro’s and 12 VFC cards, along with designer, supported the dramatic show. See more here

For more information on VFC cards, see the 4×4pro product page.

r12.1 is now available

r12.1 unlocks the full potential of VFC cards, giving you the power you need to deliver your projects quicker, and with less equipment. Notable updates include:

VFC configuration
r12.1’s overhauled feed configuration UI now allows remote configuration of displays. Control EDID emulation, resolution, VFC output formats and more through a simple, streamlined interface.

Extended blend modes
Designer now supports an extended set of compositing blend modes, bringing it into line with popular graphics packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. Burn, dodge, soft light – now you can achieve compositing in real time that used to have be rendered in content.

Sockpuppet enhancements
Designer's video module now adds extra controls allowing you to set internal loop points. During transitions, outgoing video clips now retain their playback and render properties, so you can get more done with less layers.

New OS image
OS3.1 packs the freshest drivers and system settings for even better performance. We’ve moved it to the Amazon S3 server, allowing super speedy downloads. See how to update your system here.

Current disguise customers have automatic and immediate access to the r12.1 upgrade.