- 2017

Redline expands in China

Redline expands in China

Our Sales Partner in China have expanded their APAC footprint with opening of new office in Shenzhen, China.

Redline, our Beijing-based Sales Partner (Reseller), has expanded with a new office in Shenzhen, China.  The grand opening featured the official launch of the gx range and Notch generative real-time visual effects in the APAC region.

Redline’s Shenzhen office will enable the technical solutions specialists to provide greater support and customer service to a growing roster of clients in South China.  It also establishes a higher profile for the disguise product range in the region.

Redline have been our reselling partner in China since 2015. “We’re delighted to see Redline expand their footprint to cover South China.  Redline has experienced amazing growth over the past two years, and we’re excited to see where they continue to take disguise” says Fernando Kufer, disguise’s CEO.

In the last two years we’ve used disguise to help us break into different fields, such as concert touring, conferences, broadcast, fixed installs and exhibitions. The new office and team in Shenzhen will continue to see us expand and will better serve our customers and partners in the Southern China region."
Jack Sun, CEO and Founder of Redline

The company has used disguise for a diverse range of projects, including Nanjing light show, the 13th National Games of China, CBA All Stars Weekend, rock musician Wang Feng’s tour, theatrical productions Dao God, Xi'AN Incident and Encore Dun Huang, and CCTV’s Chinese Valentine’s Day special and 2017 New year show - Flying Dragon.

National Games of China, 2017

National Games of China, 2017

The Shenzhen office has introduced the gx range and Notch to the APAC region where the products are expected to find an eager following.  The gx range has been designed to push generative content to new heights, building on the legacy of the pro range and boosts output processing power so users can render real-time generative content that responds to its environment.  The gx hardware range offers Gold support for Notch and includes a Notch Playback License demonstrating the tight integration of disguise and Notch.

Supercharged by powerful real-time rendering, Notch empowers creators with game-changing visual creation tools to revolutionize the creative process.  We work with disguise and Redline because they share our passion for delivering revolutionary products. That's why we're delighted to see the gx range launch in APAC.  I know first hand the high demands of this market and how eager clients are to create ever more incredible experiences.  The gx range and Notch deliver to this high standard.”
Luke Malcolm, Director of Notch

The Shenzhen grand opening featured interactive demonstrations driven by the gx 2, which highlighted how disguise can seamlessly integrate with both Notch and the BlackTrax real-time tracking system. Using the highly-skilled exercise of Chinese martial arts, a dynamic Kung Fu routine showed how the gx system can respond to a live performer in real-time, rendering high-quality generative content with a smooth frame rate. Technical Sales Manager for disguise APAC, Kevin Li, adds; “With the tremendous growth from China and the constant hunger for the next best thing, the gx range of products along with Notch is going to help push the creative boundaries of the next big show.”