Knowledge - 2019

Extended Reality - Powering the next generation of live content production

Extended Reality - powering the next generation of live content production

disguise Extended Reality (xR) workflows empower production teams to deliver Augmented and Mixed Reality within live production environments.

The features within xR improve several aspects in Film, TV and Live production including talent immersion, interaction with CG elements and real lighting on actors and objects.

xR creates an immersive production experience within a real-time 3D workflow and stage simulator. This process gives directors and designers more control and faster calibration workflows within real production environments, creating at 360° limitless environment and pushing the boundaries for creativity.

Along with our partners who are industry leaders in the disguise MR and AR workflows, we have put together an introductory paper. The paper explains how xR works, its impact and opportunities, whilst demonstrating how it has been applied in the industry already.  

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