Studio + Rental partner


  • disguise pre-vis studio
  • content creation
  • 3D modelling
  • disguise project set up
  • OmniCal hardware
  • OmniCal workflow
  • notch content
  • pro range rental
  • classic range rental
  • gx range rental
  • fundamental trained
  • advanced trained
  • in-house certified trainer


Nizhny Novgorod,
Varvarskaya street 32,
office 41 +79200332303

Since 2005, dreamlaser Studio has focused on the creation of 3D-mapping, video installations and multimedia productions and shows. They work on a wide range of different events, from private and corporate to large festivals and concerts.

The main speciality of dreamlaser studio is that they are able to create turn-key projects. The studio has its own team of designers for multimedia production and video content, they also have a team of technical specialists who can work with disguise and BlackTrax. dreamlaser uses original video content alongside the latest in technology, as their proven recipe for the perfect event.

dreamlaser main intention is to develop their client’s incredible ideas and dreams and turn them into colourful projections, which bring excitement to the audience. dreamlaser is the first company in Russia to use disguise, and are a strong advocate for voicing that it’s the most reliable option on the market.

dreamlaser holds training sessions with the disguise system for colleagues and clients, believing that it has a variety of advantages compared to other systems.