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IAC Qatar Al-Isteklal

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Al Jazeera Al Arabia St
Al Rabiah Building 3
Floor 1, Office F8
Madinat Khalifa South Doha, PO.BOX 14865 +974-555-10-424

IAC Qatar Al-Isteklal is considered a main supplier of various types of professional audio and lighting products ranging in microphones, loud speakers, amplifiers, sound production, light effects, theatre lighting and sound, and other high-level products, to cover the main needs of the international market. Within a few years of experience, we have reached the pinnacle in the science of lighting, permitting us to illuminate the major events in Qatar. The superior quality of our equipment and the high qualification of our technical teams have allowed us to produce hundreds of events yearly, all with various designs each time, matching your desires and expectations. A large stock of equipment is available to contribute to the success of your event, from the very personalized occasions to the mega shows and concerts. From the little fairy lights to the most sophisticated moving heads, lasers, we will provide for all.