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XR Studios recommends disguise for XR and virtual production

J.T. Rooney and Scott Millar as President and Chief Technology Officer at cutting-edge digital production company XR studios, have used disguise to do extended reality (XR) productions since it was invented almost four years ago. Watch our video interview with them to learn why they believe disguise is their partner of choice.

“What we've done here at XR Studios is make sure that every bit of equipment works seamlessly together. The concept is that the client walks into this studio, and they never know the tech exists. They just experience it, shoot with it, gather footage, and that's a perfect shoot day for us," says Scott Millar, CTO at XR Studios

XR Studios have partnered with disguise ever since the concept of XR was brought up many years ago. As disguise has pushed into the world of Virtual Production, film and broadcast, XR Studios and disguise have worked together in many ways to drive the software, build the workflow, build the stage and the setup that exists at XR Studios.

For me, the MTV VMAs was probably one of the hardest shows we've ever done. The technology was still in its early stages of development. And it was our relationship with disguise and our relationship with the development team and the whole company that allowed us to make that show happen.”
Scott Millar, CTO, XR Studios

Millar believes the work that disguise has done in terms of training and development and making an ecosystem of people is unmatched in the industry, allowing XR Studios to scale, do remote shows and bring people in to fill spots as and when they're needed on shoots.

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Rooney agrees:

“When you get the box, when you get the software and when you get the experience… that is something everyone in their past lives before XR was building together as a community and now it's just continuing to grow past that point."

A key value that XR Studios gets out of disguise is the technical consistency and reliability of the system as well as creative flexibility.

The whole live entertainment industry started and grew from projects and moments of heat – diamonds are created under pressure. The nice thing about where we've been so far is that we've been really close with disguise from day one. We want to keep that momentum going and growing.”
JT Rooney, President of XR Studios

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