Burj Khalifa

SACO Technologies was tasked with designing a permanently mounted system capable of delivering high-resolution video on the surface of the Burj Khalifa.. In this case study you will find out how the disguise production toolkit integrated with SACO’s own systems to power the LED screen running the length of the world’s tallest building.

The challenge

In order to remain efficient and respect the short timeframe, SACO’s Architectural division sourced and created state-of-the-art parametric tools, which they used to calculate the layout of every component on the façade, including cable path and links, and control room layouts. Another challenge was how to attach the SACO V-Sticks and carrier to the fin detail of the building without covering the actual architectural fin.


The solution

SACO chose a disguise 2x4pro to drive the complex media display. “We’ve been working with disguise since the very beginning and have developed an interesting workflow between our two companies,” says Jonathan Labbee, Executive Vice-President & COO with SACO. “SACO has also developed a processor mapping tool, which directly uploads coordinates to the disguise unit. To help bring the integration to the next level, SACO also collaborated with
dandelion + burdock who they have worked with for several years. dandelion + burdock, a disguise studio partner, specialises in custom disguise solutions and developed a workflow and devised content for the project.

“The functions and features of disguise that were particularly helpful for this project were its 3D mapping tool and live input capability, as well as the ability to manage very large video files.”
Jonathan Labbee, Executive Vice-President and CMO of SACO


Find out more
Find out more


Produced by:

SACO Technologies

Studio & Facilities:

bright! studios

AV equipment supplier:


Creative direction:

bright! studios


SACO Media Collective

Workflow, content, consultancy:

dandelion + burdock

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