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disguise powers virtual production for treasure hunt mini-series “La Fortuna”

disguise powers virtual production for treasure hunt mini-series “La Fortuna”

When Barcelona-based disguise workflow specialist MO&MO Film Services were asked to provide in-camera VFX and shoot virtual production sequences for “La Fortuna,” a six-episode Spanish-American miniseries airing on Movistar+ and AMC+; disguise vx 4 media servers were the perfect choice to realise their creative ambition. In this case study you will discover how disguise, with its ACES integration, facilitated in-camera VFX for a virtual production shoot in Spain that featured live-action plates shot in the US.

2 locations


3 crew

on set


The challenge

The plot of “La Fortuna” takes place both in the US and Madrid, yet the entire shoot took place in Madrid. In order to simulate the outside world of the Spanish embassy in Washington D.C and news channel footage from the US, a camera team went to Chicago to shoot plates representing Washington, D.C.

MO&MO Film Services was charged with creating the in-camera VFX using those plates on the set of its virtual studio in Madrid.



The solution

disguise vx 4 media servers helped MO&MO achieve their objectives with the colour adjust layer proving to be essential. The blur layer helped AEC Cinematographer Alex Catalan with the depth of field in some cases. disguise's PreComp, as a mapping type, was used in a blur layer and disguise's colour shift was applied to manipulate all the layers simultaneously.

Learn more about PreComp

Learn more about colour shift

The wrap tool helped adjust camera perspective in some scenes while disguise’s ACES integration helped achieve colour control for the VFX sequences.

Learn more about ACES in our ebook

Exterior car scenes were also shot to simulate a car moving without shooting it in the street and disrupting traffic. Virtual production workflows allowed the team to achieve realistic reflections in car and truck windows.

We were proud to shoot with Alejandro Amenbar on his first TV series and with Alex Catalan, one of the more demanding cinematographers in Spain. The project went perfectly, like all of our projects with disguise, with easy setup and programming.”
David Monguet, Virtual Production Supervisor, MO and MO Film Services


Director of Photography at AEC:

Alex Catalan


Alejandro Amenabar

VFX Supervisor at Twin Pines:

Juanma Nogales

Virtual Production Supervisor:

David Monguet

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