disguise was selected to pre-visualise and deliver video content for the successful revival of the musical Dreamgirls, at the historic Apollo theatre in Harlem, New York (which then went on tour). The ground breaking stage set utilised 5 moving and rotating LED walls to form a variety of backdrops for the cast.

Video designers, Lightswitch, used d3 from the earliest stages of pre-production, to mock up all screen movements, scenery and content cues, in time with musical numbers. Content was composited onto the disguise timeline, reviewed and edited during rehearsals.

The visualiser allowed the director to review edits while the stage was used for cast rehearsals, allowing a significantly smoother workflow. During the show, disguise was able to match the movements of the screen control system, allowing static content to be played onto moving screens for the first time. During the run, disguise accepted MIDI Show Control cues from the main lighting desk, meaning that no visual operator was required.

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