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Fifa World Cup South Africa

Fifa World Cup South Africa

TV network Azteka uses disguise for the official African World Cup football.

The Mexican TV network Azteka used disguise to simulate and output content for the official World Cup TV studio in South Africa. Mexican based production house Darmah used disguise from the very beginning when designing the set of the studio and could therefore easily identify unforeseen problems. As a new TV show needed to be created everyday, with updated content, disguise was the obvious choice to handle the swift changes and updates.

With disguise advanced projection methods, the high-res screens could easily be merged into one canvas or be treated as individual groups of screens without any need to change the content’s format or reconfigure the LED processor. Also, as there was a requirement to create a consistent look between the video and lighting, Darmah’s lighting desk controlled the timeline of disguise using Midi Show Control.


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