Maserati MC20 launch

To unveil the first super sports car of its Trident brand, luxury automaker Maserati ran a two-day hybrid launch event incorporating disguise xR workflows. In this case study you will learn how disguise helped Feelrouge Worldwide Shows power a multi-award-winning event that prompted +27 million online views.

152.1 million


27.9 million

video views

8.3 million



awards won


The challenge

A key element here was the ambitious vision to achieve camera calibration on 630 square metres of LED screens with two cameras, whilst under time pressures and severe weather conditions. Another concern was achieving the proper use of light and photography for a show taking place in an open-air location at night. 



The solution

Feelrouge were responsible for the set design concept, content design and artistic direction, and worked with several creative experts who were versed in disguise and Notch workflows, to bring the vision to life. The team designed the creative content displayed on the LED screens on stage, including various AR elements, all powered by disguise.

"What I felt was remarkable sensitivity for the creative output, open dialogue, especially during the pipeline phase, which was very close to the needs of the show. Our disguise partner on-site was very positive and open to the challenge. I felt their trust and reliability, both on human and technological levels."
Marco Klefisch, Creative Director, Feelrouge Worldwide Shows


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Other equipment

Notch VFX


Executive Producer

Valentina Saluzzi

Creative Direction

Marco Klefisch

Technical Project Manager

 Fabio Orzali

disguise xR Specialist

Nicholas Di Fonzo

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