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UN “Scoring for Goals” projection mapped display

UN “Scoring for Goals” projection mapped display

In the run-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the United Nations headquarters in New York City was mapped with dynamic and colourful video projections to launch the “Scoring for Goals” campaign highlighting how sport can promote sustainable development, peace, tolerance, inclusion and climate action. In this case study, you will see how Quince Imaging partnered with design studio 59 Productions to deliver an unforgettable architectural projection mapping experience driven by four disguise vx 4 media servers.


At a glance

For the September 17 launch event that kicked off UN General Assembly Week, 59 Productions and The Mission of Qatar hired Quince Imaging to design and build a unique projection mapping system. More than 200 guests attended the VIP event, including the UN Secretary-General.

The inauguration ceremony included a short video projection on the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals with compelling images and narration. In this, the message was that the world will meet on November 20 to witness the power of football as a tool to promote peace and development, respect for human rights, and achieve gender equality and empowerment, empower women, girls, youth and address climate change.


The challenge

The ambitious project was executed on a tight timeline: Quince Imaging was confirmed to support the project just four days before load-in occurred for the project. With New York Fashion Week and other local events taking place at the same time, securing support elements like scaffolding was a challenge. Quince Imaging also were required to comply with all UN security rules for vehicles and the different crews on site.



The solution

Quince Imaging turned to a quartet of disguise vx 4 media servers to drive the complex projection mapping on the UN buildings. According to the team, the 3D workflow for the project was critical. Using disguise’s cloud-based Mapping Matter, they were able to carefully map out all projection towers across the site and import the projection study right into the disguise Director server. With the short turnaround time for this project disguise was able to simplify the alignment process to meet an ambitious schedule.



A large part of the event’s success was due to the trust that was quickly established between 59 Productions and Quince Imaging, which in turn trusted York Scaffolding and Starlite as supportive partners. 

disguise was also a trusted and reliable partner for the fast-turnaround event offering Quince Imaging the most seamless multi-user workflow and allowing the mapping teams and content teams to work together in parallel in a way no other product could, according to Gazzillo.


different nations collaborating on the project


crew members


Panasonic projectors


days for equipment setup

“disguise allows us to work faster, and at a larger scale, than any other platform. As Quince Imaging adds vx 4+ and SMPTE 2110 to our workflows moving forward, disguise will allow us to meet the large-scale demands of our client base.”
Eric Gazzillo, Vice President, Quince Imaging


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