Volvo's first xR product launch in Brazil

Brazil-based technology solutions provider MAXI AV took its xR expertise on the road for a recent live streamed product launch showcasing the new F line of Volvo trucks with support from disguise. In this case study, you will see how MAXI, using the disguise vx 4 and rx machines, recreated its xR studio in the Volvo factory in Curitiba, Brazil to deliver the first automotive launch in the country featuring xR.


120 hours

working on the project



11 days

spent on-site at the venue




livestream views on YouTube



The challenge

First, MAXI had to rebuild its xR stage in the Volvo factory’s customer center showroom. Strict time management was essential to make the most of the 11 days they had to spend at the venue. Using disguise, MAXI also had to integrate Unreal Engine and Notch scenes. The virtual sets had to be changed in real-time according to the camera perspective.



The solution

disguise’s RenderStream infrastructure seamlessly integrated all scenes and elements from both render engines into the disguise timeline, making it easy to switch between scenes and navigate the show in real-time.

We believe [the disguise xR workflow] has the potential to deliver to clients something that wasn’t available until now, especially for virtual events. It really gives projects a different feel from what clients are used to.
José Augusto Martins, Executive Director, MAXI AV





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