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Beijing becomes new home for disguise China

Beijing becomes new home for disguise China

We are expanding our operations in China, with the opening of a new head office in Beijing and new additions to our team on the ground. The expansion comes as an addition to our existing customer support capabilities in Shanghai to meet the growing demand for live and virtual production in the country, powered by disguise.

The new Beijing office will enable the team to further expand into the Chinese market, with increased technical support for critical projects and an overall enhanced customer relationship management to foster long-term partnerships. The new location is also equipped with a state-of-the-art extended reality stage powered by ROE Visual LED technology, enabling partners to test new content ideas, run demonstrations for their end clients and master the industry-leading workflow.

As part of our global expansion initiative, last year we have also enabled access to our latest software release, r20, in Simplified Chinese to further enable our user community to work on complex productions with confidence without barriers like language. They can also become certified disguise specialists by undergoing training in their local language, with access to translated training materials and user manuals.

“With the localisation of our technology and services, we are confident that we have more fascinating stories to tell in this part of the world."
Deva Peng, Head of disguise China

Download r20 in Simplified Chinese


A global leader in media and entertainment

It is estimated that the total revenue of China’s media and entertainment (M&E) industry will reach roughly US$436.8bn in revenue by 2025. During this time, China’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% will be higher than the global rate of 4.6%, leading the world in average revenue growth in segments such as Virtual Reality (VR), OTT video, and online advertising.

As media consumption habits in China are shifting more towards on-demand content such as films, live webcasts and online concerts, demand for solutions like augmented and extended reality (AR and xR) within broadcast and film/episodic production is surging, as producers are looking for innovative ways to drive viewership.

Since the accelerated launch of our xR workflow at the start of the pandemic, the disguise China team has been actively engaging with customers to assist them in their transition to virtual production and enhance their technical capabilities for fast growth in the space. During this time, disguise xR has powered various productions including Lenovo’s Tech World 2020 virtual conference and various productions for CCTV including their 'Deep Sea Exploration' broadcast programme, and their Spring Festival Gala 2021

Following the significant growth of disguise community members in China, we opened our first China-based office in Shanghai in 2018, only two years after the opening of our first APAC location in Hong Kong. The new localised operations enabled the team to have direct access to local customers such as AV Promotions, FLY Originality Media Group, SHOWPLUS, Witimage, Tang Stage, and STARPARK - allowing them to gain insight into their needs and offer faster and more efficient technical support. 

“China has always been a presence that cannot be ignored as we try to achieve more in business. There is unparalleled growth potential and a huge market size waiting to be explored. The opening of our Beijing office is a new milestone event, marking a closer connection between our partners in the region and our global support network. Our talented team members are able to assist our community in a variety of ways,” Deva Peng adds.

Last year we were thrilled to welcome many talented sales and technical support team members to disguise China. They will be running a webinar about our latest software release and share the latest disguise case studies from China.

Register for our upcoming webinar hosted by the disguise China team


Meet some of our disguise China team:

Deva Peng - Head of China

Deva Peng is committed to leading his team to take disguise deeper into all areas of China’s M&E market, expanding our reach and positioning disguise as the benchmark for virtual production. He has 12 years of technical and sales experience in the LED display field, previously working as the CTO of LEDMAN and the GM of LEDMAN’s International Display Division. 

Aaron Wu - Sales Manager

Aaron Wu bought 16 years of sales experience in the broadcast industry before joining disguise, having worked with various systems and VR/AR applications within the sector. He believes in the potential of xR to drive innovative visual storytelling and is responsible for growing its adoption across the country.

Ang Gao (Henry Gao) - Senior Sales Engineer

Before joining disguise, Gao Ang worked in the VR/AR field as a pre-sales engineer and project manager for more than five years. His experience spans across graphic design, Unreal Engine and tracking systems, with him playing a major role in many studio projects for local TV networks.

Nix Hou - Marketing Officer

Inspired by disguise's amazing live experience, Nix Hou joined disguise China to support with training and on-site projects, before moving into marketing. He is now dedicated to providing the latest market updates to our clients in China and the APAC region, exploring new business models and continuously enhancing the disguise brand locally.

Yuqing Liu - Office Administrator

Yuqing Liu joined disguise China in September 2021 as an office admin. She worked as a photographer before joining this team and became interested in xR when she learned about disguise. Over the past few months, she helped facilitate the completion of many orders throughout China through coordinating with the APAC operations teams in Hong Kong.

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