Certified Trainer

Rodd McLaughlin

  • disguise Fundamentals Trainer
  • English

United States

343 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
United States

Rodd McLaughlin is a Screens Producer, Media Server Programmer, and General Technologist. Striving to create systems and techniques for streamlining workflows between ideas and final outcomes, he works with a wide variety of tools to achieve the client's desired result.

As an owner of Prelite and Idyll Hands Imagery, Rodd was at the forefront of both pre-visualization and content creation for low resolution displays. Now, in the world of large canvases, Rodd has done Media Management and programming for many multi-screen and ultra-wide screen events.

Working as a disguise specialist, Rodd is training new users on disguise as well as providing onsite support and consultation for DMX programmers on Kings Of Leon, Queen+Adam Lambert, and The Rolling Stones.