Real-time markerless mocap


Unlock the power of real-time motion capture through advanced AI and superior graphics processing.


The power of the unseen

The Invisible solution combines’s real-time markerless motion capture software Invisible with the disguise platform, making it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to achieve live motion capture in broadcast, xR, film, immersive installations and live events.

AI-driven mocap

Forget about restrictive and costly mocap suits. Performers simply need to enter the stage to be automatically tracked and rendered into a virtual scene. No need for suits, wires, or big budgets, AI identifies every single movement.

Invisible Solution Digital Puppeteering
Invisible Solution Demo Content

How it works

Natural human motion is captured through advanced AI within the Invisible software, and visualised real-time as a skeleton in disguise’s flagship software Designer. In one click, the skeleton rig is easily transported into Unreal Engine to achieve the desired effect before mapping it out to the LED screen - all in real time.

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Accurate shadow casting

Make 3D a reality! Realistic shadow casting triggered by live motion capture enhances the sense of realism for the virtual scene, allowing lighting directors to better utilise their skills and reducing post-production work.

Movement-triggered graphics and effects

Interactivity to the next level! Automated, pre-programmed 3D graphics and particle effects can be triggered by gestures and movement in real time. This ensures greater creative freedom and less operational overhead.

Digital and AR characters

Enable automatic digital puppeteering for AR and virtual characters for your next production! With the Invisible Solution you can track up to two people simultaneously on stage in real time, removing the need for mocap suits and saving time on equipment calibration and setup.

The Invisible solution is an exclusive bundle from disguise designed to take your production to the next level. It combines a fixed array of IP-connected cameras with’s Invisible software and the power of disguise’s platform.


disguise MX MOVE

With the Invisible software licence included, the MX MOVE hardware powers the Invisible software to extract real-time human motion data from talent on stage.

Machine vision cameras

Depending on the size of your volume, your Invisible Solution bundle will contain 4, 6 or 8 FLIR Blackfly® S GigE machine vision cameras, able to capture at a minimum of 1440 x 1080 at 60 fps in colour.

Camera lenses

The solution comes with a selection of TAMRON 2.8mm, Goyo 3.5mm or LCM 4mm fixed focal length camera lenses, suitable for volumes of various sizes.

Network switch

The 10Gb Netgear network switch supplies power over Ethernet for the cameras, ensuring the high-speed transfer of data from the cameras to be processed by the Invisible software on the MX MOVE.

Please note: To enable real-time markerless motion capture with the Invisible Solution a minimum of one disguise vx or gx machine is needed for graphics processing and one disguise rx II for real-time rendering.


Visit our help site to learn more about the technical set-up

MX MOVE specification sheet
MX MOVE specification sheet Download – 420 KB

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