Concert touring - 2018

Pink's Beautiful Trauma World Tour

Pink's Beautiful Trauma World Tour

disguise drive P!nk’s ‘Beautiful Trauma World Tour’

Fans of P!nk have come to expect a spectacular show when the singer performs, and they won’t be disappointed by her ‘Beautiful Trauma World Tour,’ which kicked off in March 2018 and plays 86 dates in North America and Oceania through to September. The dynamic media-rich show, which features the singer flying high above the audience on an aerial rig, is in support of her seventh studio album of the same name.

Production design by Baz Halpin, who is also the show’s Director and Lighting Designer, consists of a heart-shaped performance stage with a centre thrust that creates mosh pits left and right inside the heart. Two giant mechanised arms with lighting pods flank eight linear automated fingers over the centre stage. Screen design features a 6mm upstage LED wall with a rounded mask and two curved 6mm LED masked band risers.

“disguise is generally our go-to platform for media server integration. Our familiarity with the software and the system’s capabilities allow us to implement it efficiently, and its ease of use on the road makes it a great tool for touring.”
Kirk J. Miller of Earlybird Visual LLC

Two disguise gx 2 media servers, one mixed master and one understudy provided by Solotech, drive the upstage LED wall, which is split into output quadrants, and the band riser LEDs. There are discreet IMAG outputs for SL and SR, an HD feed for IMAG compositing in the video switcher, and a feed for the television used onstage during ‘Just Give Me A Reason.’

Kirk cites the gx 2’s “ability to be flexible as the production’s needs changed throughout the rehearsal process. The ability to let the screens team troubleshoot LED while reviewing clips with the content team was also a huge advantage with regards to time management.”

Kirk explains that, “on almost all of our projects we utilise disguise in tandem with the grandMA2 console through disguise’s Sock Puppet feature. For P!nk we also used the DMX Screen Read to translate video content to Art-net data for the various linear LED fixtures on the band risers and downstage truss.”

As the tour gets underway Kirk says the gx 2 is “performing well” and the support from disguise “has been great, as always.”



Director, Lighting Designer & Production Design

Baz Halpin - Silent House Productions

Video Programmer

Kirk J. Miller - Earlybird Visual LLC

Associate Lighting Designer & Lighting Programmer

Eric Marchwinski - Earlybird Visual LLC

Tour Lighting Director

Steve ‘Six’ Schwind

Touring Video Director

Larn Poland

Touring EIC & Media Server Technician

Tim Jones 

Screen Content

Silent Partners Studio 

Screen Producer

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont

Content Creative Director

Janicke Morissette

Video Project Manager at Solotech

Louis-Philippe Gaudreau

Vice President of Touring at Solotech

Dean Roney

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