fixed install - 2012

Millenia Tower Singapore

Millenia Tower Singapore

disguise crowns Millenia Tower in Singapore with a spectacular permanent lighting display.

The Pontiac Land Group asked Belgian based lighting designers, Magic Monkey, to illuminate the Millenia Tower on a colossal scale. The install was to become a permanent member of the Marina Centre in southern Singapore, which is home to a collection of other vibrant and dazzling architectural lighting installations.

Magic Monkey pre-visualised the proposed lighting design on they’re laptop running Designer, to then be shown to the Singaporean city council to accurately demonstrate how the Millenia Tower would appear at night, with pixel-perfect precision. disguise was also selected to drive the installation using a single disguise 2U server.

The disguise advanced built-in mapping tools enabled Magic Monkey to showcase their lighting design for the Millenia Tower with ease. Magic Monkey used a variety of custom mapping types to seamlessly display video content across the building’s complex form including: Feed mappings, Cylindrical mappings, Radial mappings, and Parallel mappings. The lighting design integrated ChromaFlood200s and ChromaAR111s, and the disguise masking tools enabled their reflective properties to be accurately simulated in the disguise virtual 3D stage.

This project clearly demonstrates that as far disguise is concerned, there is no difference between DVI and DMX pixels, the way you map and sequence content onto screens is identical. disguise uses the Ethernet port in the back of the disguse rackmount system to send Artnet data to a maximum of 364 DMX universes. Each of the lighting fixtures was assigned it’s corresponding DMX address according to the proposed DMX lighting plot, weeks before the onsite install. Final tweaks and adjustments were implemented using using the disguise DMX assigner. To run the show permanently disguise scheduling system was configured to automatically trigger video sequences, to be played back for periods of days, months, and years.


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