Live Events - 2017


Earlier this year, our rental partner Big Picture Australia & New Zealand, were involved in transforming Auckland War Museum. The disguise pre-vis and multi edit function played an important part in this incredible project, take a look at how it all came together.

New Zealand artist, Joseph Michael, translated the scale and awe of the Antarctica by using Auckland's museum as the canvas for a full-scale 360-degree projection of a majestic iceberg.
disguise was chosen for a number of key features including 3D model texture playback, which never missed a beat, and Multi user projection alignment. The disguise pre visualisation also played a key role, as Antarctica was a 360 degree projection, it was important to see how the content would look from any angle at any given time.
Delainy Kennedy - Motion Designer & disguise operator, Nocturnal Ltd.


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Lead Artist and visionary

Joesph Michael

Technical Supplier

Big Picture Australia & New Zealand 

Motion Designer and disguise operator

Delainy Kennedy 

Project Manager

Mark Michel


Rihan Sheenhan 

Audio System Designer and Engineer

Leon Dalton - Global Production Partners 

Sound Design

David Whitehead