Live Events - 2016

Panattoni Europe Gala

Panattoni Europe Gala

disguise Media Servers Deliver Dynamic 3D Video Mapping for Panattoni Europe Gala.

VES used disguise media servers to previsualise the complex projections without making frequent visits to the racetrack and capturing masks for every projector, which shortened time and costs on-site. Five operators were involved in the two-day set up at Tor Sluzewiec. They installed two 4×4pro and one 4×2pro media servers, which allowed several high-resolution files to be played simultaneously creating unique visual effects.

The multimedia scenography covered 4,200 square meters of interior surfaces. It was produced by 31 Barco and Christie projectors, which required nearly 67 million pixels to be pushed out of each media server. In addition provided 270 lighting fixtures, including LED moving heads from Prolights.


“We had 18 technicians and five disguise programmers working on site plus people coordinating event logistics,” says Iwona Czarnata, managing director of VES. “Events like the Panattoni Europe gala prove that productions with international-level concepts and projections can happen in Poland.”


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Other equipment



Show Producer

Iwona Czarnata – VES

Creation and Production

Anix Event



Show Director

Michal Pieprzowski – Anix Event



Production Manager

Iwona Czarnata – VES

Head of VES Technical team

Łukasz “Bandzi” Błażewicz



d3 project setup

Łukasz “Melina” Meliński

Building Model

Grzegorz Niedzielski



d3 programmer

VES: Łukasz “Melina” Meliński, Krzysztof “Sarna” Grabowski,Jacek “Jaca” Kamiński

Video Mapping

Red Square: Piotr Maruszak, Paweł Falkowski, Kamil Filipowicz


Irek Nowik



Sound design

Stereotyp Studio Kamil Sajewicz