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Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World

Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World

By popular demand, Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World (Romeo e Giulietta - Ama e cambia il mondo) has returned to the stage in Italy.

Making its debut in February 2018 at the Linear Ciack Theatre in Milan, Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World will be bringing Shakespeare’s emotional opera to big city destinations throughout Italy until November 2018. The production was strongly desired by David and Clemente Zard and produced by Vivo Concerti, Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World is the remake of a musical staged for the first time in 2013, which interprets the tragic events of Romeo and Juliet. Featuring 23 scene changes, hundreds of costumes, and lighting and video projections on both static and dynamic surfaces.

Massimo Gasbarro, who worked on the video on behalf of BOTW, describes,the musical uses moving and rotating scenes. Some projections follow the movements of the scenes and adapt accordingly.”

Such a complex operation required powerful software and media servers, capable of handling video content in the best possible way. The production uses a disguise 2x4pro media server, built for touring, the sturdiness of the server is ideal for life on the road when travelling with the show. I had already used disguise products for the L'Albero della Vita, an Expo 2015’s project that took place in Milan,” Massimo explains,“the combined system of disguise hardware and software offers the power, reliability and versatility needed to carry out complex projects.”

The pre-vis team also made use of disguise Designer software, which allowed the team to visualise, design, and sequence the project wherever they were. Massimo describes, “the Designer software allowed the full control of the projections on the dynamic scenography. To follow the objects the encoder managed by disguise was used and the speed of calibrations and alignments was excellent thanks to QuickCal.”

"Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World is a very complex theatrical representation, based on different projection plans and continuous scenographic movements. In such a situation, all the functions offered by the disguise system have been useful and have satisfied every single requirement: from the synchronism with all the encoders scattered in the scene to the management of the videos, from the calibration of the projectors to the synchronization of the timecode," explains Massimo.

He continues, “within the show, disguise, receives, analyses and synchronises the data sent by the encoders of the stage engines and organises the different projection plans.”

Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World is on tour until November 4th 2018, with a final stop at the Teatro Team of Bari.

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Giuliano Peparini

Video Projection

Massimo Gasbarro

Lighting designer and console operator

Fabrizio Moggio


BOTW S.r.l.


Veronica Peparini


Chloe Car, Alessandro Dobici