tv broadcast / film - 2019

DIRECTV Super Saturday Night - The Super Bowl LIII Party

DIRECTV Super Saturday Night - The Super Bowl LIII Party

MEPTIK’s creative team leveraged cutting-edge content creation and media playback technology to produce venue-wide, high-end visuals for DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night event.

MEPTIK, an Atlanta-based experience design agency specialising in custom designs for live environments, leveraged the commercial AV industry’s most powerful content creation and media playback technologies to deliver a dynamic, real-time audio-visual experience to attendees of DIRECTV Super Saturday Night. The Super Bowl LIII Party was held at a temporary, 72,000-square foot venue in Atlanta — the host of Super Bowl LIII in February 2019.

Combining years of knowledge in live events, content creation, and design execution, the creative team understands the workflow of bringing it all together. From interactive experiences and live events to content creation and art installations, MEPTIK brings its unique creative perspective to every project.

A longtime disguise customer, MEPTIK is the first agency to purchase the vx 4, disguise’s new flagship server. The vx 4 elevates dynamic content visualisation experiences for projects, and streamlines the integration of video, audio, lighting and other technologies. Engineered to play back video with exceptionally high quality and resolution, its power as a high-bandwidth server allowed MEPTIK’s creative team to work with uncompressed video - and bring very high-end visualisations to life.

These are among the many benefits that inspired MEPTIK to power an engaging Augmented Reality experience on the set of a recent music video shoot for Fleurie, an American singer-songwriter and musician based in Nashville.

“The power of the disguise vx 4 allowed us to push the envelope and offer exciting solutions to clients we never could before. Our goal is to make designs better for the client, without being over complicated. The vx 4 helps us achieve that goal with technical tools to solve existing problems easily, while opening the very large creative universe here at MEPTIK.”
Nick Rivero, MEPTIK co-founder and CTO

Nick and MEPTIK creative director/co-founder Sarah Linebaugh were among the creative minds behind the Augmented Reality experience on the set. Working closely with director Elle Ginter, the MEPTIK team used the disguise platform to produce imagery that Fleurie could see and interact with, versus the traditional green screen approach.

“We created a world onset that the characters in the video could live within, versus attempting to visualise what that might look like in their minds,” said Sarah. “The Augmented Reality experience delivered through the disguise platform surrounded Fleurie with outer space and underwater elements, among other visuals, that gave the feeling of living in that world.”

Nick emphasises that the workflow benefits of the disguise platform are as valuable as the creative benefits. “We are saving our clients an enormous amount of time and money,” he said. “disguise AR features help to eliminate the traditional green screen workflows of creating visual environments in the edit suite. We can visualise everything onset for the directors and artists with this very new and innovative workflow.”