TV Broadcast / Film - 2015

The Voice - Portugal

The Voice Portugal

The Voice Portugal relies on the flexibility and power of the 2x2plus

“The Voice Portugal” premiered in October 2011 and is now in its third season. Its sophisticated, two-story set is backed by giant video screens, which display imagery tailored to each singer’s vocal interpretation. Visuals range from abstract landscapes to urban street scenes

"disguise was chosen for its flexibility in visualising the set and checking camera angles as well as easily sending all the creative team previews of the videos for each track as seen from specific camera angles."
Miguel Ribeiro, Video Designer for “The Voice Portugal.”

Ribeiro found the disguise 3D visualiser to be “a big plus” in the preproduction process. “It was key to exploring ideas and testing locations of video screens. It also helped determine the scale of things. Since I am quite proficient in the use of 3D models and disguise shares most of the 3D world’s terminology, the system felt incredibly simple to use.”

He also liked the ability to “fully program the show in advance from anywhere I wanted – on a plane, in a hotel room. I was able to look at all aspects of the show on a little laptop I could take everywhere.”

Ribeiro reports that the disguise 2×2plus “felt no different at all from its bigger brothers” in the disguise product family. “The system was incredibly sweet and responsive. It performed flawlessly throughout the shows. Lighting directors Marco Silva, who was also the board op, and Ricardo Maia, witnessed its impeccable performance, too.”

During production of the third season of “The Voice Portugal” Ribeiro says support from the disguise team was “absolutely second to none. In spite of being in a different country, I felt that help was only a phone call or an email away.”


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Video Director

Miguel Ribeiro


Lighting designer

Marco SilvaRicardo Maia