Broadcast reimagined with xR

Create immersive productions and engage your audience like never before.

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The next generation of broadcast studios

Access our open standard, fully integrated and customisable platform with a workflow custom-designed for broadcasters to deliver real-time, photorealistic graphics with ease.

Bring your studio vision to life!

Immersive production studio

Create immersive production environments where talent can engage with the studio graphics.

Infinite studio canvas

Extend the walls of your studio set beyond its physical boundaries.

Accurate real-time pre-visualisation

Save time by pre-visualising the studio and planning your shots before showtime.

Rapid camera calibration

Change segments immediately while reducing time spent adjusting sets.

It was wonderful to feel the rush of a live show, but also knowing that everything was prepared with safety and priority. To be part of something that has set the standard for what is possible for a live television event in these pandemic times makes us very proud.
Rodrigo Proal Co-founder, Darmah

disguise is the hub for xR

Extended Reality (xR) or virtual production combines in-camera LED screens, real-time generative content, camera tracking technology, augmented reality, and the disguise production workflow to seamlessly extend the physical space into the virtual world.


Scale hardware to handle multi-camera setups and complex content design.

AR graphics

Use 3D simulation and camera planning tools to pre-visualise every pixel of an AR experience.

Low latency

With latency compensation built into the disguise ecosystem, you can deliver stunning broadcast productions with ease.

Native Unreal Engine

Using disguise’s direct integration, take full advantage of the newest features in Unreal Engine from day one.

The future of broadcasting

Discover the eight benefits of xR in Broadcast and the critical industry challenges it solves. With case studies from the VMA's, Junior Eurovision and Latin Billboards, learn how disguise xR could bring your virtual studio to life!

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Polygon Labs a disguise company

Benefit from an easy-to-manage, end-to-end broadcast workflow solution that incorporates data-driven Unreal Engine graphics, as well as extended design and production capabilities.

A best-in-class broadcast graphics solution

Unlimited creative freedom

Create engaging Unreal Engine graphics content that can be dynamically edited and used in any studio at any time.

Collaborate with remote teams

Bring remote teams together using cloud-native applications. Cut carbon footprint using photorealistic mixed reality studios accessible from anywhere around the world.

Make real-time changes

Enable real-time changes to Unreal Engine virtual sets, augmented reality objects and data-driven graphics.

Audience engagement

Produce interactive storytelling content to reach every demographic and engage audiences like never before.

Dynamic playlist control

Simplified cloud-native production workflow that removes the need for specialist skills and allows teams to easily control high-quality Unreal Engine graphics in real-time.

Cloud-based collaboration

Our cloud-ready solution allows multiple operators to control graphics from anywhere using any browser.

Creative Support

Turn-key design subscription service provides access to expert Unreal Engine designers and developers when you need it the most.

Polygon Porta

Effortless control of your broadcast graphics

Trusted by the world's largest broadcasters, take hold of the power to easily control, edit, preview and manage Unreal Engine production graphics from one unified, cloud-native solution.


Polygon Ipsum

Captivating data visualisation

Access unlimited creative possibilities by using data-driven graphics and analysis to tell your best story. Centrally manage, curate and distribute real-time data feeds to your studio production and master control Unreal Engine graphics.

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