vx 4

The vx 4 has been engineered to play back video at higher quality, smoothness and resolution than ever before.

vx 4

Video playback

The new vx 4 can drive up to four 4K streams of lossless 10bit 60fps video content, and features full HDR pipeline for playback and capture.

Capture capability

The vx 4 can capture 4x 2160p60 @ 10bit, or 16x 3G-SDI sources.

Faster networking

The vx 4 is equipped with three speed tiers of networking, for a total of more than three times the available network bandwidth of the 4x4pro for media transfer and networked video: 2x 25Gb/sec ethernet; 2x 10Gb/sec; 1x 1Gb/sec

Faster storage

The vx 4 comes with NVME 8TB* as standard, and is user configurable, with failure mitigation.

* RAID level dependent / RAID 10 4TB available

New chassis design

All-new ruggedised chassis with isolated core components and improved cross-bracing makes the vx 4 even tougher. It also features a new hi-res OLED front panel for more detailed system information.

Redesigned back panel

The vx 4 ships with four HDMI 2.0 VFC output cards by default to drive four 4K streams of lossless 10bit 60fps video content.

Full specs coming soon...


The vx 4 will ship in early 2019. Email sales@disguise.one for more information.