Estudio + Socio de alquiler + Especialista en Workflow


  • 3D modelling
  • disguise pre-vis studio
  • disguise project set up
  • notch content
  • pro range rental
  • gx range rental
  • plus range rental
  • in-house certified trainer
  • advanced trained
  • xR workflow specialist
  • xR Insider

United Kingdom

The Pill Box
Unit 1.22
115 Coventry Road
E2 6GG

Blending technology and creative direction, Bild specialises in visual engineering and creative design for live productions.

Being expert disguise-consultants since 2008 founders David Bajt, Rowan Pitts and Scott Millar have worked with disguise, Notch, Blacktrax and camera-tracking technologies on some of the the biggest acts, production houses and shows around the world. As previous heads of the original disguise Projects team they have also delivered hundreds of training sessions globally. 

Bild has a wide range of disguise servers in its rental stock and can supply anything from custom-designed control racks to individual servers to supplement an existing disguse stock.