Our vision

Our vision is to be at the heart of every inspiring live experience in the world, by creating a powerful, collaborative environment where artists and technologists can bring their shared vision to life.

To do this we need talented and dedicated people, bringing a diverse range of skills and qualities to our team to keep disguise at the forefront of the industry. The five values below define who we are as a team.


We are real with ourselves and our clients and share our ideas with openness and transparency.


We innovate using our user’s ever-changing needs so our technology remains ahead-of-the-game.


We create an environment where everyone feels like they belong and is empowered to do their best work.


We take the best path, not the easiest, and innovate where it’s right, not where it’s simplest.


We don’t give up until we find the right solution, even if it means going outside our remit.

Open Positions