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Meptik Technical Services

The next dimension of entertainment‎ requires a new type of technical team engineered to deliver the future.

Our Technical Services

The opportunities for storytellers to engage with their audiences in more immersive and engaging ways has never been greater. In the same way, the technical vision, guidance, implementation and support needed to deliver these is equally great. We have assembled a world class team who truly understand what you are trying to achieve in your creative vision and use that knowledge to inform every stage of development and deployment.


A Unique Approach

Hybrid Teams
Integrated Teams

Our creative & technical teams work hand-in-hand from ideation through to execution, ensuring that your visual experience looks and integrates seamlessly.

Platform Enabled
Platform enabled

Being part of Disguise gives Meptik unrivaled access to the technical talent that makes the game-changing visual experience platform and all its latest cutting-edge developments.

Global Talent
Global Talent

Our global network of world class talent means you’re covered no matter where in the world your production or experience is situated.


Unrivalled Technical Expertise

LED Volume & Studio Build

Our experienced system engineers won’t just guide and educate you on the best solution for your production, they’ll help with every aspect of getting your virtual production stage ready - from equipment sourcing, logistics and system installation through to documentation, training and support.

Stage Build

Volume Operations

Say goodbye to messy hand-offs. We’ve carefully curated a talented team of experienced artists and engineers that will team up with your production crew on set to handle every task.

We can help with

Volume Control / Brain Bar
Equipment Rental
Camera Tracking & Motion Capture
Laser scanning
Creative Support

Volume Operations

Immersive Experiences

Our experienced team helps you deliver cutting-edge technology for next-level experiences by harnessing advanced rendering techniques, real-time optimizations, and seamless cross-platform compatibility.

Immersive Experiences

Ongoing Support

Once we get started, you won’t want to stop. We believe in building long-lasting relationships and support you far beyond the last shot. Chat with our team to learn more about our tailored support packages.

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A New Way of Working


Let’s explore a different angle. From consultation to pre-visualization, both our creative and technical teams can be part of the conversation from the very beginning.



Pre-production in progress. Once we've helped finalise your big idea, we’ll get elbow-deep baking out every piece of the final production. As we build, iterate, and revise, you’ll have frequent opportunities to view progress and weigh in.



“And Action!” We team up with your crew on-set to deliver optimised, high-quality content and on-site support to save you the stress. Sit back and enjoy the show.



“It’s a wrap!” Not for us. Whether you need us an extra day, an extra month or indefinitely, we’re here to assist you until you don’t need us any more.