Eurovision 2021 powered by Disguise GX

Power to Respond

The GX range is the key to powerfully unlocking real-time generative content playback for live events.

Generative content

The Disguise GX flagship is designed to handle all the demands of playing back increasingly demanding generative video content with ease.

Render in real-time for a show that responds to its environment. From smoke that moves as it’s touched to water that ripples as performers pass by, captivate your audiences without breaking a sweat.

Why Choose GX?

Billie Eilish Concert Using GX Range
Choose Versatility

The GX range is the most flexible single-server solution, perfectly suited for scalable generative live productions and experiences, as well as xR.

GX Range Used In Immersive Experience
Respond Instantly

Render in real-time video, audio, MIDI, tracking and automation data or interactive inputs.

Live Show Using GX Servers
Push Your Content

The GX range is optimised for Notch content playback and each GX machine comes with a two-year Notch playback license.


Where is GX Used?


What’s Included?

GX 3

The industry standard media server powering the world’s biggest, most technically demanding live and xR productions where reliable large-scale generative content playback is needed.

Disguise GX 3

With You All the Way

Our unbeatable support packages with global service centres and 24/7 care ensure your production will always run without a hitch.

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Disguise programmer working on Eurovision 2021