VFC Cards

Power to Adapt

Our Video Format Conversion cards let you swap video output signals on your Disguise media servers with maximum ease and minimal latency.

Unlock Video Output Flexibility

Our Video Format Conversion (VFC) technology comes in the form of five different swappable output cards that slot into the back of your Disguise GX or VX hardware.

Output video in a host of formats and interfaces including SMPTE ST 2110, DisplayPort, DVI, SDI or HDMI. Mix signal formats and resolution types in the same project with guaranteed frame synchronisation and minimal latency.

Why Choose Disguise VFC Cards?

Disguise panel VFCs
Patented Technology

VFC output cards are an industry first: no other media server on the market offers the ability to seamlessly transition from HD to 4K.

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Avoid Latency

Output in a format or standard of your choice without the need to do any conversion using external devices downstream.

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Welcome Video Over IP

Future-proof your system by seamlessly transitioning from baseband SDI to ST 2110 using the same VFC card.


Where Are VFC Cards Used?

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