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simply better.

build: 63572 (released January 22nd, 2020)

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What's new?

r17 is all about making the disguise workflows and experience better. Since our last release, we’ve been listening to the challenges you face to help us understand how best to enhance our software to meet your needs. This release is for you.

r17 offers valuable improvements that unlock new workflows to save you time and effort when crafting innovative new experiences.

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Visually interact with your 3D stage from any angle. Select multiple objects and offset, rotate and scale them - at the click of a mouse. You can also use numerical adjustments to place objects with precision.

Disguise R17 Bodyimage Manipulators
Disguise R17 Bodyimage Precomps V2


The new PreComps workflow lets you create compositions of layers which can be reused in multiple locations, enabling cleaner timelines and greater flexibility. Route video between different layers, then blend and mix content sources to design more creative looks.


As the industry moves towards IP-based video, we’ve added more support for NDI as a video input. You can now stream an NDI source from content tools to the disguise stage in real-time, unlocking new workflows for use in esports, fixed installations and TV productions.

Disguise R17 Bodyimage NDI
Disguise R17 Bodyimage Video Trigger Layer

UX improvements

r17 has been guided by feedback from you, our trusted user community. In addition to its 24 new features, this release also includes 188 fixes and 35 improvements, all designed to enhance your experience using disguise and help you to deliver a faster production.

r17 features overview

Check out the r17 release overview video to discover the new workflows and features in action.

Release notes for r17.0.2

Improvements, fixes and known issues in r17.0.2


  • [DSOF-12647] - Device list showed devices still under development


Technical Advisories



  • Extremely demanding Notch blocks can cause an oversubscription of available memory resources - click here for full advisory.



  • Potential signal drop from wireless OmniCal kits - click here for full advisory.


View the r17.0.2 release notes here.

View the full r17 release notes here.

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