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Accelerate your skills with our hands-on Virtual Production learning experience. 

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The Virtual Production Accelerator will help advance my career without a doubt. And I knew that coming in to the the programme, disguise is the most popular software to achieve in-camera visual effects for virtual production.
Chris Barnett, Director of Studio Production and VP Engineer, VIVA Creative

Learn the future of film

Make your future career a reality by learning actionable skills that are built for the next generation of filmmakers.

The Virtual Production Accelerator programme is a top-tier learning regimen that will take you from novice to expert as a virtual production professional. Get the opportunity to learn hands-on from disguise experts on a real virtual production set, and make connections with other industry professionals.

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Use industry technology

The three-phased programme begins with online and hands-on classroom learning. After completion, trainees will be immersed into a real-world production, providing on-set learning in both pre-production and post-production environments.

You’ll learn all about the fundamentals of storytelling, Unreal Engine scene building and virtual production. As your knowledge progresses, you’ll move onto advanced concepts, such as colour management, data recording and VAD integration.

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Located at ROE’s facility in Los Angeles, you’ll be joined by our VP of VP Addy Ghani, and his training experts to discover how you can level up your virtual production skills. Register to learn more about the LA Accelerator program.


In our NYC Accelerator, participants will have access to state-of-the-art production facilities at the headquarters of ZeroSpace with instructors from 4Wall Entertainment. Register to learn more about the NYC Accelerator program.


UK location XPLOR, the world's first research & innovation centre for entertainment technology & production is the perfect set up to take your next virtual production step. Join disguise and XPLOR’s training teams to accelerate your skills.


Join our Accelerator Course at Plató Noo, a boutique studio situated in Poblenou located in the heart of Barcelona. Equipped with a state-of-the-art virtual production setup, including a 2.6mm LED Volume, with Brompton Processors, disguise vx 4+ and rx II media servers, Mo-Sys tracking, HTC tracking and ARRI Orbiters, students can immerse themselves in a virtual production environment and get trained by experts with 4+ years of experience.

Get recognised

disguise provides a variety of different certifications and badges that can be earned and easily displayed on your public Linkedin profile as a public endorsement of your newfound knowledge and skills. Our certifications are awarded for a variety of learning activities, such as completing our learning pathways, becoming a certified disguise trainer or taking part in one of our instructor-led workshops.

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