EX 3

Pixel-Perfect Experiences

EX 3 is designed to meet the specific playback needs of immersive experiences and fixed installations.
Disguise EX 3

Transport Your Audience

Transport Your Audience with EX 3

Ukraine Illuminated at Cannes

The 2023 Cannes Film Festival hosted MURALS - a large-scale digital showcase shedding light on the war in Ukraine through immersive images of Banksy's artwork amongst the ruins of Kyiv. The EX 3 enabled the content producers to set up an HDR 10-bit DPX image sequence playback to ensure a high-fidelity display, blended with a spatial audio surround system to create a truly immersive, multi-sensory experience.

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Why Choose the EX 3?

From Concept to Delivery

Reap all the benefits of one single connected workflow from concept to delivery.

Our APIs will connect your Disguise system to third-party integrations so you can control your show and monitor the health of your system without the need for an on-site operator.

Scalability & Reliability

Network multiple EX 3 machines to scale out your content and support experiences that evolve over time. The EX 3 also comes with built-in hardware failover to guarantee continuity in the rare event of machine failure.

Seamless Projector Calibration

The EX 3 can also be used alongside OmniCal, our camera-based projector calibration system which accurately aligns projectors to sub-pixel precision within minutes, on any projection-mapped installation.


The Power of the EX 3

EX 3

product ex3 annotated panel

System connectivity I/O

Video output

3x DisplayPort 1.4


Video output

0 - video input via NDI only


Audio I/O



General network

2x 1GbE/sec

2x 10GbE/sec


High-speed network

2x 25GbE/sec port (SFP28)


Hardware specs


Intel Xeon 3.2Ghz






100-240V, 50-60Hz

for countries with variable power supply we recommend a UPS to provide a consistent voltage


Power consumption peak



Mounting system

2U 19" rack mount



1x 3.84TB SSD (default) (upgrades available)


Operating system

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise GAC


products EX3 image comparison
products EX3 image comparison diagram

With You All the Way

When you add a EX 3 to your hardware fleet, you can rely on our unbeatable support packages with global service centres and 24/7 care ensure your production will always run without a hitch.

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