Monday 15/05/2023 |

Meet our Mental Health Buddy, Yagnesh Chag

Disguise has a mental health buddy programme where any team member can volunteer to be a mental health buddy and lend a helping hand to someone who needs support with their mental health - signposting them to professionals as and when needed. This Mental Health Awareness Week we sat down with Disguise’s Global Head of Customer Success and Mental Health Buddy Yagnesh Chag to learn about his thoughts on mental health and dealing with anxiety.

Why did you become a mental health buddy? 

I come from a Live events background and I know how stressful the industry is. I have also witnessed burnout among industry workers and know all too well how the industry affects people’s mental health.

How was the training process? 

It was engaging and very informative. It was a safe and open environment. Most importantly I learned a lot!

What does mental health mean to you?  

For you to be comfortable, happy and stable in your mental state regardless of social or economic background. To be who you are and to respect everyone for who they are and what difficulties they may be experiencing.  

How can we all help protect our own and others’ mental health?  

Talk to someone you trust regularly and not judge others for what they feel is important to them.

What are the benefits of becoming a mental health buddy at Disguise?  

The ability to identify a potential problem early!

This year's theme is around ‘anxiety’. What would you say to someone who is struggling with anxiety?

That it’s ok! Just listening to someone is the first step to making them feel that they are not alone in their feelings. What they are experiencing is normal and not uncommon. That's the most important first step in helping anyone struggling with anxiety.