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Powering next-generation productions with Meptik and Disguise

Snap and LA Rams brand activation

Want to show your audience something they’ve never seen before? Meptik’s service offerings are now an integral part of Disguise's new and rebranded website, encouraging you to ‘think outside the box’. 

Whether you want to shoot the next Hollywood virtual production, create real-time broadcast graphics, or immerse your audience in a different reality - Meptik services will make it easy. The creative department will help you brainstorm ideas and develop visuals, while the technical team will leverage Disguise’s award-winning hardware and software to build everything needed to execute your vision. 

To learn more, we sat down with Meptik Co-Founder Sarah Linebaugh and Chief Collaboration Officer at Disguise, Abi Bowman. Below, they reveal how Meptik and Disguise are helping customers jump in on the future of immersive entertainment.

What has changed since Meptik became part of Disguise?

Abi Bowman: Meptik has been an integral part of the Disguise platform for over a year now, but as part of the rebrand and launch of our new website earlier this month, we determined it was time to put our services front and center. Since Meptik became part of Disguise, we've moved beyond the focus of providing hardware and software products to our customers, and are encouraging our clients to push creative boundaries by embracing a more holistic perspective; Disguise is now a dynamic ecosystem empowering our customers to craft the next generation of visual experiences. As part of this transformation, we have consolidated all of our global creative and technical services, including our broadcast graphics department previously known as Polygon, under one well-recognized brand: Meptik.

Sarah Linebaugh: Even before joining Disguise, Meptik’s mantra has always been about creating experiences and content productions on the bleeding edge. Since joining Disguise, we have been able to closely collaborate with the masterminds behind the technology and work on technological integrations that have never been done before, like the Snap Lens Studio Renderstream integration for the Los Angeles Rams and Princess Cruises. Together, Meptik and Disguise have grown into a well-integrated ecosystem, where services and technology go hand-in-hand and clients can work with us throughout the entire pipeline, starting with merely an idea. 

What services does Meptik offer? 

Sarah: Whether you're impressing thousands in person or millions on screen, Meptik is here to make it happen. We help film and episodic productions, broadcast studios, brand experiences, corporate communication, and educational institutions stand out from the crowd - capturing the attention of audiences around the world.

Our creative team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of visual artistry, whether this is through crafting cinematic masterpieces in the virtual art department, distilling complex data into captivating broadcast graphics, building powerful presentations for businesses, or creating immersive experiences that banish dull moments. 

On the technical side, our experts conceptualize, design, and build flexible LED Volume and Studio Build solutions, and deliver cutting-edge technology systems for immersive experiences. Our Volume Operations team handles everything from calibration to motion capture on set, ensuring a seamless production process. 

Sarah Linebaugh Meptik Creative Director

What is Meptik's superpower? 

Sarah: At Meptik, our superpower has always been having both creative and technical teams working together from start to finish. Together, we reimagine what's possible and deliver bleeding-edge technology coupled with creative content for next-level audience engagement. 

In a landscape where productions demand increasing visual sophistication and complexity, we're not just here for you only when it's time to integrate technology. Being part of Disguise enables us to supercharge productions, by having access to Disguise's global community of specialists who built the Emmy award-winning platform from the ground up. 

We're there right from the initial spark of your idea. From ideation to creation, execution, and beyond – Meptik's supercharged creative and technical services together with the Disguise platform offer end-to-end solutions to help our customers succeed.

What has changed for Meptik & Disguise customers? 

Abi: Just like before, Meptik and Disguise customers can expect the highest quality of customer service across the board. For those needing creative and technical expertise that goes hand-in-hand with our products and solutions, we now have easier access to our end-to-end creative and technical workflows to support our customers throughout their entire journey. For those who already have it all figured out, we still offer all the other aspects of our visual experience platform: all-encompassing software, fundamental hardware, essential support, and learning. 

Sarah: While our team remains committed to "Upsetting Reality" just like before, Meptik customers have access to an even more encompassing 24/7 service team with additional technical support from the global Disguise team. We simplify complex production processes by offering a single contract and a dedicated point of contact throughout the different phases of the project, ensuring a streamlined workflow. This approach frees our customers from the hassle of managing multiple project deadlines and quotes from various sources, providing a more efficient, stress-free, end-to-end experience. While we prefer working with the visual experience platform that Disguise offers (which we were working with before even becoming part of Disguise), we are platform agnostic in our service offerings. 

Abi Bowman Disguise

What markets does Meptik cover?

Sarah: The versatility of our experience makes us stand out. Meptik operates across a broad range of industries. We’re here to help studios and filmmakers tackle virtual productions with stunning, photoreal virtual scenes, provide B2B companies with immersive communication solutions, create memorable digital experiences for live audiences, and support educational institutions in training the next generations of creative technologists. 

Since 2015, we have operated at the intersection of creativity and technology, pioneering immersive and interactive entertainment. Our journey includes creating audio-reactive content for major events, such as the Super Bowl's Super Saturday Night, and pioneering virtual production in 2017 with a groundbreaking music video for Fleurie using augmented reality and LED wall production. Since the surge in virtual production in 2020, we've been actively involved in projects ranging from building the first LED Volume for educational institutions like SCAD to collaborating on commercial productions with industry icons like Queen Latifah and Thomas Rhett. Our commitment to pushing boundaries culminated in transforming the renowned SoFi Stadium in LA into the Pacific Ocean using augmented reality. 

Why are we doing all this? Because today's audiences are tech-savvy like never before. Growing up surrounded by gadgets and flooded with content – especially true for younger generations – demands experiences that not only captivate but linger in the memory. That's where Meptik steps in, steering the ship in the future of production and experiential marketing. We're not just riding the wave; we're shaping it. 

How will this new offering from Meptik and Disguise address current market challenges and opportunities?

Abi: Over the past few years, we’ve seen immersive experiences become increasingly more complex. When Disguise was first founded, our technology helped bring concert visuals from computers to small screens next to the stage. Today, Disguise has been used to power the U2 visuals at the Las Vegas Sphere; virtual productions for Amazon and Netflix; broadcasts for ITV and TUDN; and extended reality stages for Siemens and Verizon. 

As virtual and extended reality production technologies become the norm, we expect more and more creatives to want a single, turnkey solution to bring any idea to life. That way it won’t matter what your vision is, or how many platforms you want in it. With Disguise Services, you’ll have an easy way to create what no audience has seen before.

Where do you see Meptik & Disguise in the future?

Abi: Looking ahead, we envision Meptik and Disguise continuing to blaze a trail, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the realm of immersive productions. As pioneers in the industry, we look to break the conventional norms, unleashing experiences that defy expectations.

Through our supercharged, 21st-century creative and technical support system, we aim to create a new era where cutting-edge technology merges seamlessly with artistic innovation, setting the stage for groundbreaking and unforgettable audience interactions. Our shared vision involves not just breaking the glass ceiling but transforming the entire sky, ushering in an era of limitless possibilities in entertainment and technology.


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