Case Study
Wednesday 07/06/2023 |

Streamlining projection mapping workflows with Luke Halls studio

Multi-disciplinary moving image design company Luke Halls Studio is renowned for their work across the performing arts, using innovative tech to project elaborate 2D and 3D imagery upon ambitious sets. Continuously raising the bar on what can be achieved with these techniques, they turned to Mapping Matter to fuel creativity and deliver faster workflows in a complex field.

“When you are involved so intrinsically with the early stages of a design process, being light on your feet with iterations is imperative,” says Zakk Hein, Technical Manager and Creative Associate at Luke Halls Studio.

Keeping clients involved at every step

The existing process of bringing these ideas to reality was drawn out for the studio’s technical team. As well as being time-consuming, manually drafting in CAD software was neither intuitive nor capable of clearly conveying ideas in a way that clients could understand. The team needed a tool that would help to embed clients into the process at every stage, allowing them to drive conversation and present their ambitions in a simple way that did even the earliest of concepts justice.

Luke Halls Studio saw Mapping Matter as a clear solution to these needs. The platform’s ability to tie in with the design process while delivering in-depth projection planning and analysis would enable the team to communicate technical ideas and challenges that arose to clients at every stage of a project.

Enhancing team collaboration

When the studio was called upon to create projected content for Britain’s largest immersive gallery in London, the Frameless Art Exhibition, Mapping Matter offered an efficient way to map and trial feasibility studies for each of the five rooms.

As they quickly created mapping visualisations that enabled them to pick the right designs and work out the logistics behind mounting each of them, Mapping Matter became an invaluable tool. “Contractors completely understood what we needed, because they could walk out of our meetings with a full 3D model of the space and how the 52 projectors would be integrated into the end product,” Hein says. “The best thing about Mapping Matter is the speed at which you can get answers back to the people who need them most.”

Aligning the creative and technical together

The studio’s work with Bottega Veneta’s Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion show in Milan presented a complex problem, with the classical architecture of an Italian palace projected onto semi-translucent gauze. The idea was to create a visual that enabled attendees to look past columns to the structures beyond, and Mapping Matter’s intuitive interface enabled the team to create a projection plan that even took into account the spill of light through the material.

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter Show 2020/2021
Mapping Matter is my tool of choice because of how well it fits into our creative process. This is my only process now for specifying a rig for production. The 3D model downloads and data output for your rig give you instant results the moment you get onsite, and both your team and the client can feel confident and involved at every step of the journey.
Zakk Hein

Technical Manager and Creative Associate, Luke Halls