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Why Pride matters at disguise

Why Pride matters at disguise

With over five decades since the Stonewall uprising, this Pride Month, we took a moment to celebrate the progress made in advancing the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and reflect on what this pivotal month means to all our people.

How disguise celebrates Pride

While there is much to celebrate, there is also much work still needed to be done as we build a world where everyone is accepted for who they are - without exception. At disguise, we are driven by our purpose to "create possibilities, connection and inclusion." We aim to create a workplace that reflects the diversity we see in the world and one that celebrates people for being their full, authentic selves.

Over the course of June, disguise has hosted a number of initiatives to make sure that Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community are acknowledged and celebrated. These included a charity fundraiser supporting Rainbow Railroad, a charity providing safety to those that face violence and oppression simply because of who they love. 

We designed our very own Pride t-shirt and sold it throughout our offices around the world, raising approximately $1000 for a much-needed cause. 

Donate to Rainbow Railroad

We also wanted to open the conversation around Pride, asking our team members or “disguisers” what they think of Pride and what this celebration means to them:



What does Pride mean to us?

According to Nick Hartshorn, Regional Sales Manager for Middle East & India, “Pride Month means accepting everyone for who they are and creating an environment for us all to succeed and flourish in.”

disguise CXO Alex Wills agrees: “It’s so, so important to celebrate Pride and help ensure that everyone feels welcome and included, whether it’s part of a company or part of society. It shouldn't just be for one month it should be the whole year, but it's needed to raise awareness and ensure that it's put front of mind for everyone.”

LuLu Wang, People Talent Partner said: “Pride is about fearlessness and love. It's about celebrating people all around the world who are brave enough to speak out and express their love.”

According to Software Engineer, Josh McNamee: “Pride means that everyone gets treated fairly and equally with love. I think it's important to care about people and about what makes people happy. On a really fundamental level, I want my friends and my colleagues to feel comfortable in themselves and comfortable being themselves wherever they are.”

“Pride is about celebrating people’s identities, preferences and what makes them unique,” says disguise Head of Broadcast Solutions, Niki Whittle.

disguise Project Manager, Thomas Fletcher, had this to say: “Pride Month means to treat people as you wish to be treated yourself.”

disguise’s Financial Business Partner Rebecca Jackson agrees: “Pride Month is important because of inclusivity. I think it's great when we work together because together we are stronger.”

“Life is better when we can all belong and be ourselves,” says Technical Solutions Specialist, Milo Hancock.

Inclusion and Equity matter at disguise. We create together and we create anywhere, but most importantly, we create a place where everyone belongs. 

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