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disguise powers Alan Walker’s NIO Day virtual concert

disguise powers Alan Walker’s NIO Day virtual concert

Norwegian DJ Alan Walker was invited to play a virtual concert titled “World of Walker” for electric vehicle manufacturer NIO’s annual product launch day. Co-produced by Norwegian music company MER, UK-based xR specialists 80six and China and Malaysia-based multimedia content creators Super Bonfire, the short set would highlight tracks from Walker’s first two albums and offer a sneak peek at a forthcoming single. In this case study, you will find out how disguise’s Extended Reality (xR) workflow helped Super Bonfire and 80six create astonishing virtual worlds culminating in an exhilarating live performance in just three weeks. The end result: a live show representative of one of today’s most ambitious DJs worldwide.

3 weeks

to create content

8 days

spent in production

1 day

to shoot the final concert


views on Youtube


The challenge

Limited timeframes, multiple locations

From the moment of conception, Super Bonfire had just three weeks to put together the content for an eight-day production done by 80six, with only a single day shoot for the actual concert.

Together they had to produce a spectacular show that would look flawless and capture the world-beating standards of Alan Walker, whose single is certified as Platinum.

“We were creating the content in such a short amount of time and needed to build the stage to shoot it in an even shorter period in order to give ourselves room to shoot the footage we needed,” says Super Bonfire CEO, Jason Kirby. “We had teams in three time zones working 24 hours a day to put this together. The logistics of it were complicated.”



The solution

“The disguise workflow allowed us to build in a lot of flexibility across both the Unreal Engine and Notch projects, which gave us more room to improvise and maneuver when shooting on site,” says Kirby.

disguise's ground-breaking virtual zoom feature allowed the team to zoom in and out of each scene, shooting in a virtual space that extended far beyond the physical limits of the LED screens.

With virtual zoom, we created a variety of complex camera movements by zooming in and out or panning beyond the physical constraints of the gimbal and Technocrane, creating an enhanced virtual performance space. Additionally disguise’s colour calibration has particularly improved with the latest software release, speeding up the workflow and taking us less than ten minutes to get the colour calibration done."
Paul Nicholls, Head of Virtual Production and Real-Time Technology at 80six


MER Directors:

Kristian Berg and Mads Neset

MER Producer:

Madeleine Kviljo

MER Executive Producer:

Gunnar Greve

MER Director of Photography:

Morten Forsberg

MER Musical Director:

James Daniel Njie Eriksen

MER Backline & Playback Engineer:

Nikolaj Gloppen

MER BTS Photo:

Mo Sarmadawy

MER Edit:

Mads Neset and Kristian Berg

MER Logger:

Sondre Fagerborg

MER Colorist:

Didrik Bråthen


Wirat Johannessen

Content Production:

Super Bonfire

Executive Producer:

Jason Kirby

Project Managers:

David Ran, Shukri Yunos

Lead Producer:

Charlotte Chong

Creative Director:

Kaism Lim

Animation / VFX Directors:

Azhan Karim, Kaism Lim

Art Director:

Zhao Xiang Li

Style Frame Design:

Zhao Xiang Li, Azhan Karim, Miao Lang

Online Team:

San Nai

Video Editor:

Lumi, Yuan Yuan

XR Technical Director:

Carl Loo

Unreal Engine Lead:

Bart, Nini Tan

Unreal Engine Artists:

Azhan Karim, Madnas, Syazwan Nazzaruddin

Blueprint Engineers:

Hao Chen Guang, Benny Chong

Notch Creative Animation:


Notch Animator:


CG Leads:

Kaism Lim, Azhan Karim

Lead Compositors:

Azhan Karim, Madnas


Syazwan Nazzaruddin, Zhang Min Min, Guo Zhen Yu

3D Animation:

Azhan Karim

Animation Support:

Lv Dong Yang

Virtual Production:

Virtual Production Studios by 80six

Production Director:

Dan Hamill

XR Producer:

Petra von Schalien

Executive Producer:

Jack James

Technical Director:

Paul Nicholls

Project Manager:

Mark Rooney

Systems Engineers:

Laurence Dobie, Pete Hume

Brompton Engineer:

Stuart Thatcher

LED Technicians:

Jules Blagg, Adam Barthorpe

disguise Support:

Annalisa Terranova

Unreal Artists (on-set):

Antonino Scodrani, He Sun

Notch Artist (on-set):

Alex Wilson

Mo-sys Technicians:

Martin Parsley, Asi San


Gary Churchil


Tim Williams


Sonny Evans, Andy Carrington

1st AD:

George Nelson

1st AC:

Mike Linforth

2nd AC:

Liam Reardon


Moses Jeremiah

Video Playback:

Philippe Clavier

Remote Head Operator:

James Davis

Grip 1:

Tony Shults

Grip 2:

Michael Farrell

Grip 3:

David Bradshaw

Crane Technician:

Tim Plunket

Hair & Make-Up:

Carla Ramsey


Melina Bryant

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