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disguise powers Six60 concert tour as pandemic restrictions ease in New Zealand

disguise powers Six60 concert tour as pandemic restrictions ease in New Zealand

Thanks to New Zealand’s prompt and successful response to the pandemic, live events were able to resume in the country at full capacity from late 2020. Among the first artists to benefit from this was local pop band Six60 who played a six-date tour in January and February 2021 as well as the first-ever concert at Auckland’s Eden Park National Stadium in April the same year. This case study showcases how disguise gx 2 and solo media servers united creatives in different continents in pre-production, helping develop immersive IMAG looks and pilot the shows in real-time.


9,000 miles

bridged from Toronto to New Zealand in pre-pro




concert audiences for six-date tour




concert audience at Eden Park



The challenge

Creative Directors at Human Person brought in their long-time collaborator Dark Matter to bring their vision to life with disguise and Notch. One of the main challenges was developing a pipeline to allow Dark Matter to work remotely from Toronto, Canada for a show held live in New Zealand.

Another challenge was incorporating animated IMAG into both pre-rendered 3D and 2D content.



The solution

The show relied on dozens of parallel video and Notch layers as well as an intricate web of servers during show time. The need to react in real-time to what was happening on stage and the ability to perform to the standards required for the 6K+ resolution of the LED screen made the disguise platform the ideal solution.

The GPU in disguise gx 2 allowed Human Person and Dark Matter to create immersive IMAG looks through the use of UV Pass content, Alembic files and Notch graphics.

This was one of our first opportunities to really do a deep dive into our video approach, particularly in terms of our use of IMAG footage. The final product felt really unique with the live show footage harmoniously woven into all of our animations.
Ben Dalgleish, Designer at Human Person


gx 2
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Other equipment



Creative Direction, Stage Design, Lighting Design, Visual Content/Design:

Human Person

disguise Programming, Notch Design, Media Servers:

Dark Matter

Show/Lighting Designer:

Ben Dalgleish

Show/Visual Designer:

Ian Valentine

disguise Programmer/Notch Designer:

Ryan Sheppard


Ian Valentine, Ash Smith, Robert Wallace, Alex Ness, Ombra, Lee Gingold, Gabe Damast, Stephen Hedges


Matt Cummer

Art Director:

Frances Waite

Production Manager:

Leon Dalton

Lighting Director:

Jade Frasey


Jimmy Mac

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